Railway Stations in Shizuoka Prefecture 2: Shizuoka City JR Station


What is this fish called at Parche Market inside Shizuoka City JR Station?
Scroll down for the answer!

Shizuoka City JR (Japanese railways) Station is a fairly big one, even by Japanese standards as it situated in the very middle of Japan and sees untold numbers of travelers!

North Exit!

Shizuoka City is divided into three distinct Wards: Aoi Ku in the North, Suruga Ku in the South, and Shimizu Ku in The East.
When I arrived in Shizuoka City in 1976 it was still a shambles of a station all wooden planks and steel frames. But in 1977 it saw its first face-lifting with the creation of Parche Department Store above the Station.

South exit!

Before Parche was open there was not communication between the north and south exits and you had to pay a platform ticket if you were in a hurry, but now, the exits are only 30 second walk from each other and that fact has helped develop the southern half of the city.
The station and its surroundings have since seen a lot of modifications resulting in a fairly modern and clean railway station.
It is worth visiting as it includes so many shops and stores.
I will spare you from the ubiquitous chain diners, coffee shops et al and show you what is worth a stop or at least the reason for it!

Great sandwiches at Subway, just on the right side of the northern exit. I know it is a big franchise chain but the vegetables used are local!

The Shizuoka Tourism Office on the north exit right between the two entrances.
English spoken there at least on weekdays!

The Shinkansen/Bullet Train Tracks Entrance!

The Tokaido Railway Line Tracks entrance!

There are many automatic tickets machines but you can buy and reserve your tickets at the Japan East Railway Line Ticket Booth. English spoken!

Or you could buy the same tickets and reserve tours at The Tokai Tours Company across. English spoken there, too!

You have many direct accesses to the Parche Department Store for all kinds of shopping on the 5 floors!

Bellmart Convenience store where you can buy English newspapers!

Let’s visit the right half of the ground (first) floor of the station first!
I recommend the fresh sandwiches at Cafe Danmark!

Soup Stock Tokyo. Great in winter!

Tokaiken Company Booth: Ekiben/Railway Lunch Boxes!
A must for a long travel as they sell more than a dozen different boxes all containing local food! A great way to discover the Shzuoka gastronomy!

The right side of the station is owned and administered by ASTY Company.
You can enter the complex through 3 different entrances.
Let’s go and see what’s inside!

GRAND SHOP selling all kinds of local food souvenirs!

Belgian Manneken Waffles!

Green Tea Madeleines at Laurier!

Bagels at Bagel & Bagel!

Traditional local Wagashi cakes called Abekawa Mochi!
Great for vegans!

Healthy Japanese food at Osozai Cafe!

Sumpu Raku Ichi!

This shop is a must visit as it sells food and crafts from Shizuoka City and its surroundings!

A multitude of local food souvenirs!

Enormous fresh wasabi with its stems and leaves!

Shizuoka Sake, beer and soft drinks!

the right prat of Sumpu Raku ichi Shop is dedicated to local crafts!

So many of them and regularly changing that it is worth a report of its own!

Saboten Restaurant/Shop for tonkatsu!

Traditional local Japanese gastronomy at Sunchuan Togeppou!
Arguably the best restaurant in the whole station!

Soba/buckwheat noodles restaurant!

Japanese restaurant specializing in Japanese seafood and fish gastronomy!

Japanese-style Western food at Tokyo Nashi Goren!

Coffee, cakes, biscuits, wine, cheese and what else at KALDI!

Some very interesting traditional Japanese apparels at Kyoto Raku Fu Shop!

Japanese izakaya: Roydo!

Hachokura Izakaya: Great local seafood!

Udon noodles and local sake!

Shizuoka and Nagoya-style ramen!

Non-smoking cafe: Platini!

Sankyu Izakaya serving oden and great Shizuoka sake!

Taisaku Izakaya: good seafood and Shizuoka sake!

Yoshineka Shop sells the best Shizuoka himono/sun-dried fish!
Did you know that Shizuoka Prefecture produces half of all himono in Japan?

Great bento there!

Umibouzu Izakaya: Great oden and Shizuoka sake there!

Now let’go to the left half of the edifice and enter Parche Shokuzaikan/Parche Food Market!
Even if you don’t buy anything, it is worth more than one good look!
So much true local food there!

Shizuoka Green Tea!

Shizuoka Wasabi and derived products!

Abekawa Mochi wagashi!

Compose your own sushi lunch there!

Japanese brochettes at Nihonichi!

Takoyaki/octopus dumplings at Takosen!

Organic food at Natural House!

Let’s enter the real (and large) supermarket!
Fruit and vegetables!

Dried and preserves seafood!

Very cheap and tasty sushi bento/donburi!

Great fresh fish and seafood market!
More than half is caught off Shizuoka Prefecture shores!

All these fish were caught in Shizuoka Prefecture!

The answer to the quizz:
Yagara/Trumpet fish caught in Suruga Bay!

One of the best meat delicatessen in town!

Great fried food at reasonable prices for immediate consumption!

Japanese traditional cakes!

Uogashi Conveyor Sushi restaurant!
Quite good for such a restaurant!

Raggenmeyer, an excellent bakery!

And don’t forget the flowers!


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-Japanese Pottery to enjoy your favourite drinks: Yellin Yakimono Gallery

Non gastronomy must-see sites by Shizuoka Residents

HIGHOCTANE/HAIOKU by Nick Itoh in Shizuoka City

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