Ogushi Shrine (小梳神社 ) in Shizuoka City!


Ogushi Shrine (小梳神社 ) is an ancient and well-known Shinto Shrine in Shizuoka City, within easy walking distance from Shizuok JR Station just across from Parco Department Store.
Its grounds are extensively used during flea markets and other events, but people usually miss a lot of interesting details!

The torii gate!

The old name pillar!

It is guarded by the usual two lions!

But the horn on this one is out of the ordinary!

Its facing acolyte doesn’t have one!

The shrine was oirginally standing on the grounds of the Sumpu Castle but it was moved to the present location after Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu’s death during the 17th Century!

The hand-washing stone basin!

One of the two enormous stone lanterns!

You will find a small shrine on your left past the torii gate!

It has its own torii gate!

The access bridge flies over a carp pond!

The carps!

It is also guarded by two lions!

The other lion!

Small and beautiful shrine!

It is guarded by a minuscule dragon!

And two roaring lions!

An ancient hand-washing stone basin is still in use beside it!

Leaving the small shrine!

A building probably used a shed!

The main shrine!

An old wooden lantern placed atop a new concrete pillar!

The rice–straw garland!

The coin offerings box with a double crest!

This particular shrines apparently serves a double purpose!

Plenty of sake bottles offerings inside!

The festival drum!

The two crests!

A side view of the main shrine!

From another angle!

If you proceed left of the main shrine you will find not one, but two smaller shrines guarded by different animals!
The torri gate of the first and bigger one!

Fox guards!

These are always different!
One with a closed mouth!

The other keeping a scroll between its maws!

Once again a small but beautiful shrine!

It is also decorated with a rice straw garland!

Frolicking foxes!

An even smaller one stands at the back!

Discarded roof peak?

Guarded by two foxes again!

A fierce fox of unusual colors!

The other looking fierce, too!

Obviously a more ancient shrine!

The main shrine seen from a side entrance on its right!

The side entrance torii gate!

A last look at Ogushi Shrine!


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