Wineries, Beer & Sake Breweries, Liqueurs & Spirits Distilleries List in Shizuoka Prefecture


This is the complete list of Wineries, Beer & Sake Breweries, Liqueurs & Spirits Distilleries in Shizuoka Prefecture which will be updated and amended regularly!


There used to be wineries in Shizuoka Prefecture, especially in the Easternpart, but they all but disappeared due to WWII and new laws making sake brewing easy.

Now, there are two fairly new wineries in a our Prefecture


498 Azatakarayama Nebara, Fujinomiya-shi, Shizuoka, 418-0101, Japan


Nakaizu Winery Hills T.S 〒410-2501 Shizuoka Prefecture, Izu City, Shimo Shiraiwa,1433-27




Here is a simple map of Shizuoka Prefecture to help you locate the cities!
The introduction of the breweries are below listed from west to east of Shizuoka Prefecture!
Bear in mind that some cities are really big. Check their homepages and addresses!


Hamamatsu-Tenjingura is also a sake, shochu and liqueur brewery!
They produce 3 types of Czech style beers
Hamamatsu City, Naka Ku, Tenjin Machi, 3-57
TEL: 053-461-6145
Restaurant and beer hall business hours: 10:30~19:00
Closed on Tuesdays
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)


This is the latest Craftbeer Brewery in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Owner Naoki Mando/萬藤直樹さん started with four brews on June 22nd, 20014 but has promised more from July!


Aoi Brewing Co.,Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Miyagasaki Chyo, 30
Tel.: 054-294-8911
Opening hours: 17:00~23:00 (Monday~Friday), 15:00~23:00 (Saturday), 15:00~22:00 (Sunday)
Closed on Tuesdays
COD, Cash On Delivery only for all orders.

Aoi beer is also available at Aoi Brewery’s two more estabkishments in Shizuoka City, namely


Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Miyuki Cho, 4-6, Den bill, 1F
Tel.: 054-260-5203
Opening hours: 11:00~23:00
Credit cards OK


420-0852 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Koyamachi Naka Building, 5F
Tel.: 054-293-9331
Opening hours: 17:00~25:00 (Mon.~Thurs.), 17:00~27:00 (Fri & Sat.), 17:00~24:00 (Sun.)
Parties welcome (reserve!)
Credit Cards OK




Mein Schloss in downtown Hamamatsu City is basically a beer hall serving 5 different beers brewed on site
Hamamatsu City, Naka Ku, Chuo, 3-8-1
〒430-8691 静岡県浜松市中区中央3丁目8番1号
Tel.: 053-452-1146
Business hours: 11:00~14:30, 17:00~23:00 (Saturdays, 11:00~23:00). Check on the phone as they are sometimes completely reserved!
Closed on Mondays
HOMEPAGE (Japanese only)


Stephan Rager is the only German national who owns his brewery and makes his own beer in Japan!
He produces 3 types of Bayern-style beers and sometimes does produce beer on order for such clients as the Tokyo German Embassy. He started growing his own hops on site and plans to make real Fujinomiya City beer!
Fujinomiya City, Kami Ideji Kawaharabata, 1254-1
〒418-0103 静岡県富士宮市上井出字河原端1254-1
Tel.: 0544-54-3311 
Business hours: 10:00~21:00 (restaurant meals and parties mainly on reservation)
Closed on Wednesdays
HOMEPAGE (Japanese only)


Bryan Baird has deservedly acquired national and international fame and helped to put Numazu City on the world map!
He produces a very wide range of regular and seasonal beers all year long.
His main brewery is still in Numazu city but he has opened branches in Tokyo and elsewhere. Do check his English homepage (also exists in Japanese)!
Business Hours

1052-1, Oodaira, Izushi, Shizuoka-ken
Tel.: 0558-73-1225
Business hours: 12:00 pm to 9:00pm, Sat., Sun., Holidays; 11:00 am to 8:00 pm
Open Every Day

Numazu City Taproom Address:
〒410-0845 Numazu City, Senbonminato-cho, 19-4
〒410-0845 静岡県沼津市千本港町19-4
Tel.: 055-963-2628
Business hours: Monday, and Wed. thru Friday; 5:00 PM to Midnight, Sat., Sun., Holidays; Noon to Midnight
Closed on Tuesdays
HOMEPAGE (English)


An offshoot of Nippon Beer Co, it produces so far 2 types of craftbeer.
Numazu City, Shimokanuki, Shimoshooji, 3140-5
〒410-0822 静岡県沼津市下香貫下障子3140-5
Tel.: 055-933-1032
Business hours: 09:00~17:00
Closed on Saturdays
HOMEPAGE (Japanese only)


Orache, originally a dairy products company was the first to produce organic microbeers in Japan!
It produces 4 regular brews and seasonal ones, too.
Tago Gun, Kannami Cho (south of Mishima City), Tanna, 349-1
〒419-0105 静岡県田方郡函南町丹那349-1
Tel.: 055-974-4192
Business hours: 09:00~17:30
HOMEPAGE (Japanese only)


Owned by Yonekyu Co. it is the largest brewery in Shizuoka Prefecture, but it only partly qualifies as a microbrewery. Produces 5 regular beers plus at least 2 real craft beers and also seasonal beers.
412-0033 Gotemba City, Koyama, 719
〒412-0033 静岡県御殿場市神山719
Tel.: 0550-87-5500
Business hours: Check HOMEPAGE as it has many shops and diners!
HOMEPAGE (English) Also exists in Japanese


Located near Nagaoka Station, Izu no Kuni City, north of Izu Peninsula, it is also famous for looking after an important cultural asset, Hansharo, which has become the name of their 4 regular beers!
Izu no Kuni City, Naka, 272-1
Tel.: 055-949-1208
Opening hours (restaurant and souvenir shop): Monday~Thursday: 11:00~15:00, Friday: 11:00~22:00, Saturday, Sunday, National holidays: 10:00~22:00
HOMEPAGE (Japanese only)


Usami Brewery in Ito City, in the north-eastern part of Izu Peninsula, produces 4 types of craftbeer, but beware that the front label is the same for all. Check the cap or the back label for the variety!
Designated as eco-friendly by the Prefecture!
〒414-0001 伊東市宇佐美3504-1
〒414-0001 Ito City, Usami, 3504-1
Tel.: 0557-33-0333
Business hours: 08:30~17:00
HOMEPAGE (Japanese only)


Izu Kougen Beer/Izu Plateau Beer is located in Ito City and serves and sells its 6 beers in a restaurant remarkable for its reasonable traditional Japanese seafood restaurant.
〒413-0231 静岡県伊東市富戸1103
〒413-0231 Ito City, Tomito, 1103
Tel: 0557(51)3000
Business hours: 11:00~21:00 (restaurant)
Closed only 5 days in the year



Here below is the list of all 30 “kura”/breweries in Shizuoka Prefecture, which were “working” as of May 2014 (with some nuances and notes attached!)
They are listed in a “traditional” order.
Official business names of Breweries are also included. Keep in mind that some breweries also produce brands for individual shops or distributors: “Miwa No sato” by Fujinishiki, “Toro No sato” by Haginishiki, etc. as well as seasonal limited sake with different names.


1) Suruga Brewery (Suruga Ku Ku): Tenko (also includes: Abekaido, Umifune No Yamahai, Chuemon, Hagi no Kura)

2) Sanwa Brewery (Shimizu Ku): Garyubai (also includes Hagoromo No Mai, Shizugokoro, S-Pulse Brand, Sayo No Mai, Okitsu, Tesshu, Hoosu)

3) Haginishiki Brewery (Suruga Ku): haginishiki (also includes: Toro No Sato, Minami Alps, Surugayoi)

4) Kumpai (Suruga Ku): Kumpai (also includes: Tenryo No Taki, Meguriai, Shizuka, Daikichi, Kogarashi No Mori, Abe no Shizuku, Ra, Sakura, Tsubaki, Resienkashu, Momiji)

5) Masuichi (Suruga Ku): masuichi (includes: Tsurugi)

Following the early death of the owner/brewer the brewery has gone dormant although it keeps its license. Still has some sake for sale in its tanks!

6) Shizuoka Hiraki Brewery: Kihei. Technically, not entirely a Shizuoka Brewery as the original “half” Hiraki Brewery is a brewery in Okayama prefecture owned by Hiraki Company (owned by the Totsuka Family in Kakagawa City), a distributor for Tokyo, Nada and their regions’ major sake,liqueurs, etc.

7) Eikun Brewery (Shimizu Ku): Eikun (also includes: Sumpu No Takajo, Iroha, Kohaku, Hiyaoroshi, Midori no Eikun)

8) Kanzawagawa Brewery: Shosetsu (also includes: Yamada Nishiki, Gin Ginga,Aki Agari)


9) Isojiman Brewery: Isojiman (also includes: Shumpu, Aiyama)


10) Hatsukame Brewery(Okabe): Hatsukame (also includes: Arabashiri, Midori, Kame, Okabe Maru, Kame Shirushi, Kiwami 35, Hyogetsu)

11) Aoshima Brewery: Kikuyoi (also includes Matsushitamai 40, Matsushitamai 50)

12) Shidaizumi Brewery: Shidaizumi (also called Shirasagi, Aoi No Tsuki))

13) Sugii Brewery: Suginishiki (also includes: Fujimai, Touryuumou, Kinnosuke, Taru no Sake)


14) Oomuraya Brewery: Wakatake (also includes: Nagai Ki No Hashi, Oikawa Han Kajika, Tansei, Suruga Tansei, Aoimiyagi, Suruko, Shizuoka Oden No Sake, Onna Nakase, Shiro, Take no Kaze, Fuuko, Oyakko, Numazu Uogashi Sushi, Rock Sake, Kaon, Aki no Nama Ippon, Najimi, Sanbyakuton, Juubei, Miya no Mizuku, Shiro, Sagaradako, Hanaoto, Totakozen, Yumei no Tsurubashi, Tenbishi, Shimada Juubei, Namikozo, Okinasagi, Rendaikoshi)


15) Shiromatsu Brewery: Matsuwaka (actually buys its sake and sells under its label)

16) Morimoto Brewery: Sayogoromo (also includes: Sayogoromo No Uta, Kojyo, Aeru No Sato, Sakuretsu Karakuchi, Ma, Shachou No Irasuto, Jizake Koubo-Fujihomare, Sayo no Sanzoku)


17) Ishikawa brewery: Takamatsu (includes: En’yotakamatsu) (actually buys its sake and sells under its label)


18) Yamanaka brewery: Aoitenka (also includes: Shin’en, Funaseme, Oniaoi, Yokosuka, Yamanaka)

19) Doi Brewery: Kaiun (also includes: Iira, Takatenjin, Hasei Shokiji, Sakura Hana, Hana No Ka, Yumejikomi, Enshyuu No Shiki, Kaiun Den, Komotaru, Enshyunada, small cask)


20) Senjyu Brewery: Senju (also includes: Senjyushirabyoushi, Senjyu Kuromai, Honami, Maiguruma, Sawayaka 16, Blue Bottle, Nadeshiko, Tsurubara, Jubilo Label)


21) Kokkou Brewery: kokkou (also includes: Denichiro, Mori no Ishimatsu, Kinzan)


22) Hana No Mai Brewery: hana No Mai (also inckudes: Hoho, Tsuu, Shizuka No Mai, Yamada Nishiki, Karakkaze, Hikuma No Uta, Keichu, Susono-private label, Enshu no Gin, Ra-Uogashi-private label, Sushi Tetu-private label)

23) Hamamatsu-Tenjingura Brewery: Shusseijyou (also includes: Ginro, Tenjin,Tobinkakoi, Shussei no Tokuri, Ten, Tengu, Ryu, Mu Jun)


24) Fujimasa Brewery: Chiyo No Mine (also includes: Genkotsu, Fuji no Kasagumo, Fuji no Uta, Kin Label, Shiro Label, Hiya, Chiyonomine, Hyoutan Tokkuri)

25) Fuji-Takasago Brewery: Taksago (also includes: Tago No Ura, Raku, Soleil, Aragoji, Utafuku, Sunshu Nakaya, Chinkoku No Yama, Kura No Megumi, Homare Fuji)

26) Fujinishiki Brewery: Fujinishiki (also includes: Ashikubo, Miwa No Sato, Fujigasumi, Homarefuji, Mononofu No sato, Juku, Tokaido Chu, Samutsukuri, Aoi Tokugawa Sandai, Sui, Maboroshi Shiro, Abekawa, YuYU, Odoriko, Umiya Azura, Izu Yama Yama)

27) Makino Brewery: Fujisan (also includes Jirotyou)

Numazu City:

28) Takashima Brewery: Hakuinmasamune (also includes: Shirasago, En)


29) Negami Brewery: Kinmei (also includes: Fugakusen, Gotemba Wakamizu, Wakajun, Fukotagu, Kintaroo no sato, Izumi no Yakata)

Izu City:

30) Bandai Brewery: Arabashiri(also includes: Ban’you, Wakitaya, Kuromaizake, Amagi, Fujihomare, Izu no Sato, Arabashiri)


1) Kikugenji (formerly of Toyoo Brewery) even sold in Shuzenji, Izu City, is no longer a Shizuoka sake but from a Nada brewery who bought the name before Toyoo Brewery was absorbed by Bandai Brewery in 2003 to be able to sell in its place of origin!

2) Fuuki in Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City are not a sake brewery but an alcohol brewing and bottling company from the Nada area, although one of their casks is displayed at Sengen Shrine in Shizuoka City. They represented (and might even still) the biggest oke-gai in the Prefecture.



Recently I was told by a friend/izakaya owner: “there are no shochu in Shizuoka Prefecture!”
Well, I found no less than 38! Actually 37 as one is sold, not brewed, by a sake Brewery. But I don’t include the many “private brands” brewed for individuals or places such as restaurants and hotels!

Below are the existing Distilleries:

Fujieda City

Sugii Brewery: Saisuke (imo/tuber & kome/rice); Chittoratsu (imo/tuber); Imo Otoko (imo/tuber), Hamakomachi (imo/tuber), Kogane-Danshaku (Kogane imo + Danshaku Potato); Soba Shochu (buckwheat) brewed for Soba Saka Kawakatsu Soba Restaurant in Fujieda City.

Fujinomiya City

Fujinishiki Brewery: Kasutori Shochu (kome/rice), Kaguyahime No Sasayaka (mugi/wheat-grain), Hyakushyouitsuki (kuromai/black rice), Fuji no Shizuku, Fuji no Shizuku Kimpaku Iri (Gold flakes) , Fujinishiki Katsutori Shochu (kome/rice), Imonii (Imo/tuber), Fujisan Susono 3776 (kome+cha/rice+tea), Chakkirishi (kome+ocha/rice+green tea), Sachiura (imo/tuber. Sold in Fukuroi City), Sumpujo Shitamachi (kome/rice, private brand), Sumpojo Shitamachi (mugi/grain, private brand)

Makino Brewery: Fuji San Shochu (Mugi/wheat-grain)

Fujimasa Brewery

Chiyozumi/Kasutori Shochu (kome/rice)

Fuji Takasago Brewery
Fuji No Tsuyu (Kome/rice)

Iwata City
Senju Distillery: Inaizumi (rice/kome), HS-40 37 degrees and 25 degrees (kome/rice), Bekko Tonbo (rice)

Hamamatsu City

Hana No Mai Brewery (formerly known as Hisae Brewery): Yaramaika, Kasutori Shochu, Acha No Tsubome, Aratama Shochu, Aratama No Sato, Shizu, Oyaji, Amagi Mine (all kome/rice), Minami Alps Tennen Mizu Shikomi Moromi Tori Honkaku Shochu (kome/rice), Minami Alps Tennen Mizu Shikomi Kasutori Honkaku Shochu (kome/rice), Fuji Tetsu (private brand)

Tenjingura-Hamamatsu Brewery: Douman (kome/rice); Goroshichi (kome/rice); Goroshichi (kome/rice)

Izu City

Bandai Brewery: Wasabi Sake (Wasabi/Japanese green horseradish), Oni no Nenbutsu (kome/rice)

Numazu City

Takashima Distillery (Hakuin Masamune): En, Daippo, Eau de vie (kome/rice)



Gotemba City

Shizuoka Prefecture accounts for one famous whisky Distillery by Kirn Co. which established itself in the 1970’s at more than 600 meter altitude on the slopes of Mount Fuji in Gotemba City!
Its most famous brand is Fuji Sanroku/富士山麓 (including one 18 years old and a single cask 27 years old!), although it also harbors Robert Brown (2 kinds), Ocean Lucky Gold and Boston Club (2 kinds) Whiskies.
The distillery was renovated on April 16th, 2014.

Fuji Gotemba Distillery

〒412-0003Shizuoka ken, Gotemba City, shibanta, 970
Visits possible.



Fujinomiya City

Suginishiki Brewery/Distillery: Ishigaki Ichigo Wine/Strawberry Wine, Shimizu Mikan Wine/Orange wine


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Non gastronomy must-see sites by Shizuoka Residents

HIGHOCTANE/HAIOKU by Nick Itoh in Shizuoka City

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