Patisserie Noan IN YAIZU/ パティスリーノアン 焼津


Open since the beginning of 2019 and not far from the port of Oigawa, the Noan pastry shop is a hidden gem that deserves to be discovered!Luck brought me there after searching for a pastry shop on Google Maps while I was doing a sea fishing activity

Having never heard of this pastry shop, I decided to go there pushed by the many positive feedbacks i read !

A family business! 

I was impressed by the family teamwork, Noan is managed efficiently and it is not uncommon to see the sister running in to lend a hand in case of a rush! She runs a small seafood store next door, an it is indeed the opportunity to taste the Sakura Ebi in high season (its now, run to taste it!)

The name of the pastry would come from a French city, I could not fin which one it but if one of our readers feel the spirit of investigation you are welcome to mage your suggestions ?! I guess it’s probably Nohant, in Berry, the home of the bucolic George Sand and her faithful Chopin?




We can say the bow tie is the “signature” snack! Available in several variations.


The strawberry cake “fraisier”: Very good, and whose fruits have the taste of fruit !


The chocolate cake “Night”. Probably my favorite and so says my family! Delicious from head to toe. There is also a chocolate cookie at the bottom of the cake. In most of these cakes it is used as a support for the structure, but the chef knew how to make it delicious, a feat !



Ancestral shooting technique of my friend Robert-Gilles. Here is the couple at work in the ovens : Very friendly and always welcoming people with a great smile.


Last but not least, this simple image! The chef was awarded second prize at the gastronomic fair in Dijon! Miracle if we consider his young age at the time, probably in his twenties. High level fair of my my birth department, one more reason to sweeten your stomach.

Verdict: Probably one of Yaizu’s best pastries, being where you don’t expect it. The chef’s technique is very palpable and you can clearly feel the French influence which has faded behind a taste closer to the one the Japanese love. We can feel a certain level of demand behind the quality of the materials, which is also reflected in the price which is a little higher than average, but very justified !

We could not talk about the Kakigori (Japanese shaved ice cream) which are real masterpieces, I invite you to check by yourself their facebook!

I also particularly appreciate the regular update of their line-up, very regular.

Don’t hesitate to come and settle down for eating on the spot, Noan has nothing to envy to the pastries of Tokyo.

Adress : 吉永1423-3 Yaizu, Préfecture de Shizuoka, Japon 421-0211

Tél : 054-659-7737

Open from 10H00am to pm except wednesday

Possibility to make custom birthday cakes with creativity!

Facebook :

Site internet/Website :

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