Shizuoka City Sengen Streets Shops! 1)Joy (enjoy) with Jonathan Barnabé!

Jonathan Barnabé has just opened his new shop selling geta/Japanese clogs and collaborators’ goods at 縁Joy (enjoy) in Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Baban Cho 87 (Sengen Street)!

Located at a crossroads you will find it the more easily because his neighbors will be too happy to guide you!

Installed inside a reformed shop all in a minimal décor but highly functional space, a happy combination of the old and modern, even with the luxury of Japanese magical toilets!

There he sells geta/Japanese clogs conceived according to his own requirements by his wife’s Mizutori Company. But he has already been engaged in discussions with Shizuoka local artisans to promote them and help them sell their creations to a wider clientele!

Moreover, he will soon develop his establishment into a convivial spot where one can also enjoy a conversation around a coffee/tea, glass of wine, local craft beer or Shizuoka sake!

To be continued!

Opening hours: 10:00~12:00, 13:00~1800
Parking: 1 car

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