Making Darumas

At Sugiyama daruma ten we will learn more about the talisman and all the mysteries around it ! Fuji City is one of the three main manufacturing cities for Darumas.

This year, Sugiyama shop made 20 000 of it which are normally sold at the well-known matsuri of Fuji, taking place every year. In this video, learn more about Bishamon, how to buy and how to use a daruma and all the tradition around it !

Did Daruma san existed really ?

It is quite hard to know what part take the history and the legend. It is said the statue took its inspiration from the Bodhdharma, a wise monk from Japan supposed to have lived in the 5th or 6th century. The story also says that the man introduced Zen in China, and zazen.

But he wouldn’t be so famous if he didn’t do extraordinary things, right ? He medidated around 9 years, a really deep meditation but with….his eyes remains open, whatching a white wall. All that leaded to the loss of his limbs, who became useless. Do you believe this story ? Personally, I don’t but it doesn’t stop me to like this talisman, as it is really cute !

De nos jour le daruma est bien sûr un charme comme un autre mais dans l’imaginaire collectif est aussi un élément de décoration voir une sorte de jouet.

Bien entendu lors de votre séjour au Japon je vous invite profondément à vous en procurer un à défaut d’y croire cela vous donnera une motivation.

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