SHIZUOKA SAKE TASTING: Oomuraya Brewery Honjozo Genshu R1BY

TASTING: Oomuraya Brewery Honjozo Genshu. From time to time, it is more practical and also social to make your tastings directly in one of your favorite establishments. This why I “conducted” this tasting this time in the company of my good friend, Mrs. Hiromi Hasegawa at her shop/bar La Sommelière in Shizuoka City.

La sommelière !
I tasted this saké at La sommelière

Hiromi, who incidentally is also a wine and sake sommelier has a weak point for the nectars created by Oomuraya Brewery in Shimada City.

This particular sake, like all those from the same brewery, comes with a long name:

The full name is: Oomuraya Brewery Shikomi 5 Go (5th batch) Seihinkei Mae (before becoming a new product) Chuushutsushyu (produced sake) Honjozo Genshu (no water blended in) R1BY (2019)!

The tasting !

Label Of Oomuraya Honjozo
Here is the label

Rice milled down to 70%

Yeast: SY-103 (Shizuoka Prefecture)

Alcohol: 18%

Dryness: +3

Acidity: 1.4

Amino acids: 1.0

Fermentation duration: 20 days

Lees percentage: 21.2%

Clarity: very clear

Color: golden

Aroma: strong, dry, fruity. Pineapple, oranges

Taste: Strong attack backed up with lees (although not present in this sake), warming up and tingling the back of the palate. Dry and fruity. Beautiful alcohol. Silky. Complex. Vanilla, pineapple.

Gently lingers away as if not in a hurry to leave!

Mellows with food, especially pickles and salty dishes.

Comments: a rare sake for dry sake fans in search of something different!

Complex enough to start a whole conversation!

Extremely eclectic and suitable to a vast range of foods and cuisines.

Recommended pairings: pickles, grilled salt fish, strong cheeses!

Problem is, it is rare!

Label 2 Oomuraya Honjozo
A good stamp !

La Sommelière

〒420-0857 Shizuoka Ken, Shizuoka Shi, Aoi Ku, Miyuki Cho, 7-5, Eisel Itou Bldg. 1F


Opening hours:12:00~22:00

Closed on Sundays and National Holidays

Sake tasting terms !

Glass of sake Oomuraya Honjozoi
Look at the color !

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