SHIZUOKA SAKE TASTING: Fujinishiki Brewery Genshu Shiboritate

I needed some good sake for cooking today (I do not like “cooking sake”!) and I found this bottle in a convenient store. Actually, it is always a good idea, especially if you find yourself deep in the countryside, to check the local “konbini”, where there is always a chance to discover a cheap local sake! As far as I can remember I have seen this particular brew by Fujinishiki Brewery every year available almost everywhere. I took the opportunity to taste it in earnest.

Rice milled down to 70%

Alcohol: 19 %

Clarity: very clear

Color: light golden

Aroma: sharpish, dry and fruity. Plums, roasted nuts, almonds, faint oranges

Taste: Strong attack backed up by beautiful alcohol warming up the back of the palate. Dry, fruity, silky. Roasted nuts, almonds, plums, chestnuts, faint oranges.

Lingers for a while before leaving on dry notes of plums, coffee beans and faint oranges.

Comments: surprisingly easy to drink in spite of its high alcohol content and humble status.

Far more complex than expected. Very fruity without being sweet, but still silky on the palate.

Great value for its low price!

Would surprise many at solid meals and parties, although I thoroughly enjoyed it on its own.

Could easily take the place of a semi-sweet sherry!

Pairings: stews, BBQ, grilled fish, pickles, strong cheese!

Website of the brewery

Sake tasting terms (En/Jp/Fr)



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