SHIZUOKA SAKE TASTING: Eikun Brewery Tokubetsu Junmai “Flower”

From time to time, it is more practical and also social to make your tastings directly in one of your favorite establishments. This is why I “conducted” this tasting once again in the company of my good friend, Mrs. Hiromi Hasegawa at her shop/bar La Sommelière in Shizuoka City.
Hiromi, who incidentally is also a wine and sake sommelier has also a weak point for the nectars created by Eikun Brewery, a brewery lost in the mountains of Yui facing Suruga Bay in the City of Shizuoka, Shimizu Ku.
This sake was named “Flower” in English because it was put on the market just before the Hanami/Cherry blossoms viewing season!

Rice: Kita Shizuku 100%
Rice milled down to 60% 

Yeast: Shizuoka 5MT14
Alcohol: 15%

Dryness: +0

Amino acids: 2.2

Clarity: very clear
Color: golden hue
Aroma: Sharp, drier than expected. Fruity. Dry banana, faint oranges
Tasting: Silky attack backed up by strong Junmai petillant warming up the palate. Drier than expected again. Dry bananas, faint citruses and pineapple.

Lingers for a while warming up the palate all the time on even drier notes of same flavors.

Tends to mellow with food with appearance of faint coffee beans.
Comments: A very elegant sake, fruity and much drier than expected!

Complex enough to entice to the next, and the next sip!
Pairing: marinades and cheese! Try this Tokubetsu Junmai “Flower”

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