A sake made with 100 years old water from Mount Fuji : Fuji Takasago Brewery [English Subs]

Fuji Takasago: Here is a sake brewery located in Fujinomiya City near the well-known Fujisan Hongū Sengen-taisha Shrine.

This brewery is characteristic for using since 1830 underground waters originating form the melting snows atop Mount Fuji to create their sake according to the yamahai method.

It is said that the waters take 100 years to reach the Sengen Shrine and its purity is essential in the making of the sake.

Their nectars have been awarded prizes not only at the IWC (International Wine Challenge) in England, but also at the KURAMASTER, a competition recently created in France.

This video will help you visit the brewery, discover its guardian divinities inside the “attic”, and bring you to the the lactic acid room essential in the character of the moromi.

Shizuoka sake breweries all have their own personality contributing to the wealth of the Prefecture. The brewery is typical of what is created in Shizuoka.

Products introduced in his video: :

1 : Yamahai shikomi junmai karakuchi, gold medal at ‘”IWC 2019”.

2 : Yamahai junmai ginjo, gold medal at “International Sake Challenge 2019”.

3 : Yamahai shikomi daiginjo.

4 : junmai cho umakara, category junmaishu, gold medal at KURAMASTER2020.

5: Takasago umeshu.

6 : Takasago yogurtshu.

7 : Takasago alcohol 77.

https://shizuokagourmet.com/ (French/English)

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