Easy Amazake recipe from Koji (japanese mold)

In winter it is always feeling good to have hot drinks front of a fireplace, this Amazake recipe is a perfect candidate for that. It is also a fantastic way to help your body to make the transition between winter and spring after a hard day of work or waking up from your bed !

Amazake is a fermented rice drink, sweet and creamy. The natural sweetness comes from the breaking of the enzymes by the koji. The list of the benefits for the body is long, but it is also said (didn’t checked myself) it helps recovering from a hangover.

Here is what you need !

  • 1 japanese rice cooker
  • 1 pack of koji (picture below) of 200g. Here we use Kansou ita koji, which means dry koji.
  • 150 grams of japanese rice (not thaï one !) 1 go in japanese: 1 合 (180.4 mL).


This recipe is using the below variety of dry koji and is following the guidelines written at the back. If you are using one other make the steps may vary, but our article may help you to “guess”.

The dry Koji
Here is the brand used for this recipe
TBack cover easy amzake recipe
The instructions on the back


1: Wash your rice under the running until water becomes clear, put the rice in the cooker.

2: On your rice cooker you have to choose the okayu (お粥) mode, which means “rice porridge”. You have to fill the pot with water to reach 3 go (3合) or 541.2 mL.

3: Run the program. Once its finished, measure the rice temperature, wait until it reaches 60 degrees.

4: The you have to break the koji in your hands and integrate it in the mixture. Do not forget to stir.

5: Keep it hot at 55-60 degrees for 8 to 10 hours (one night for exemple).

There you are ! Some people will prefer to add sugar even tough it is already sweet enough in my opinion. I also read that some people add ginger. Do not hesitate to experience !

Here are the pictures :

As you can see on this picture, there is a sakura flower for decoration purpose ! We call it shiozuke and consists of picking sakura flowers, spare the good looking one from the others, washing them, drying them with kitchen paper.

You have to let them dry (not directly to the sun) for 2 or 3 days, and put them in a box with salt.

You can use it by different means, like the picture below. Maybe I’ll write one article about shiozuke one day !

Bread amazake recipe
One bread with a sakura flower decoration

One other recipe here !

Sake tasting terms

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