Wasabi Shu Bandai Brewery

Wasabi Shu Bandai Brewery

Wasabi Shu Bandai Brewery : It has been quite some time since I enjoyed the only true shochu made with wasabi in Japan, namely Wasabi Shu (can also be pronounced “Wasabi sake”)!

it is made by the only sake brewery/shochu distillery in Izu Peninsula in Shuzenji, Izu City!

Although made with rice shochu and wasabi essence it is sold as a liqueur for various lawful reasons!

Classified as liqueur in Japan
Rice white lees shochu, wasabi essence (20%)
Single distilling method
Alcohol: 20 degrees

Clarity: very clear
Color: transparent
Aroma: dry and fruity. mild wasabi
Body: very fluid
Taste: dry and fruity attack.
Soft and mild wasabi
Lingers for quite a while on the palate with more soft wasabi and rice spreading over the palate.
Changes little with food if for a drier turn.

Overall: A rare, elegant and intriguing shochu!
The rare kind that even ladies would drink straight at any time of an evening or of a celebration.
Thoroughly enjoyable at any temperature or on the rocks, although best on its own.
Probably best enjoyed on its own as a nightcap but will go with any Japanese food, especially sashimi and light vegetables dishes.
Will do very with asaparaguses and oysters in Western gastronomy!
A splendid gift to offer anywhere in Japan and overseas!

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