Kaguya Fuji Brewery is located inside Fujis Park Hotel in Fuji City which belongs to the Fuji Branch of Toki No Sumika Company.

Kaguya beer 1
The tasty nectar

One can arrange a visit of its American concept brewery and apparently interview its brew master.

I found this particular can in Cenova Department Store in Shizuoka City.

It is an English Indian Pale Ale nicknamed “Fugaku Bokusha/Mount Fuji Beer”!

Imported barley and barley malts.

Imported hops

Alcohol: 5%

Clarity: Slightly smoky

Color: Dark amber

Bubbles: Short head. Fine and light bubbles

Aroma: Light and dry. Bread, faint oranges.

Tasting: Pleasant, light and fruity attack.

Bread, dry oranges, light malts.

Kaguya beer 2
The shiny logo !

Lingers for a while on the palate with a lasting refreshing impression. Dry oranges will stay long but pleasantly.

Changes little with food but for more depth and a little more acidity.

Comments: Surprisingly quite deep and refreshing. More complex than expected although light enough to be enjoyed at any pace, chilled or cool. Not overwhelming but enticing you to the next sip.

A craft beer for all seasons that all genders and ages will enjoy.

Kaguya beer 3
Beer on the beer can !

Recommended pairings: Cheeses, cured meats, BBQ, karaage fried chicken, light sausages, potato salad, salted nuts.

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