One year through seasons with a japanese farmer : Umeboshi (Japanese pickled plums)

Umeboshi japonais

Suivre une fermier faire des Umeboshi


Japanese farmer : Umeboshi ( 梅干) are dried, salted and pickled ume (a kind of plum) commonly found through all Japan and close to the apricot. They are sour and salty, often served as a side dish for rice-based food like onigiri (rice balls) or in a bento box ! Umeboshi are said to have an antimicrobial effect, helps preserving the food and protecting from food poisoning and stomach trouble (also recovering from hangover !), which made them a very valuable snacks for samurais in the past. We will follow in this video, Mr Ishikawa, living in Hanazawa District in Yaizu city which is the only one in Shizuoka Prefecture that is registered as a traditional buildings preservation district. The “farmer to customer stand” of Mr. Ishikawa in Hanazawa is popular as a souvenir for visitors, where vegetables and oranges are placed depending on the season. We interviewed Mr Ishikawa through one year from the flowering of the prams to the finished product and filmed the process of making Umeboshi at the rythm of the seasons and we hope you will relax watching that video. Take a leisurely trip to Hanazawa in Yaizu for a very local trip.

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