Preparing deep-sea smelt for japanese hot pot

Nigisu (smelt of the depths) was sold for a good price at the supermarket in Yaizu! See photo below.

When I asked how to eat it, I was told that the “Tsumire” (fish meatball) was recommended, which I prepared in a kind of fish-based pot! In these cold weather, a perfect dish!

Tsumire is often used in nabe, the Japanese pot au feu. The goal is to create a fish paste by adding ingredients to the minced fish. We can change the fish we use without any problems of course, even if we prefer those of the sardines and horse mackerel species (here the smelt of the depths!)? We add ginger and negi, but we also have variations with mushrooms and also miso for example! For the texture some will like to put surimi.

Removing organs
Start by removing the organs

Remove the organs slowly, and kindly, as the fish is very fragile (after cuting the head)

Filet fish
Filet the fish

The, while cautiously taking care of your finger, cut the fish with the knife facing that way.

The cutted filets

Depending of you technique you will have filets who looks like this !

Then you have to minsh all this very throughly

Then, with the help of you knife, cut, cut and cut thinly

Mix the japanese “negi” and ginger !

When you mix the japanese negi and ginger, you have to get something like this, with this texture.

Then cook it in a hot pot with the ingredients of your choice !

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