Mizutori Japanese Geta

Shizuokagourmet has always strived to promote local crafts and the people of Shizuoka. We want to go further with this idea and we are proud to tell you we are launchin an online store with via our partner ZenMarket !

This is an important step for us as it will help us to continue publishing, writing new articles and promote Shizuoka Prefecture and its beautiful people !

We want to introduce to people some products we believe are originals, unique, and the result of our numerours research and contact. This is a first step for us, but also for a lot of craftsmen for whom it is also the first time. We are happy the choosed to work with us in this adventure ! Lots of items you will find are not available elsewhere than Japan, except in our store. Interesting, right ?

For those who don’t know ZenMarket, it is an online platform, where you can make your own store. Our role is mainly oriented in the promotion of products (translation, selection, layour and other things !). Once the order is ready, it will be between the seller via ZenMarket and you ! It is also totally safe.

You may already know Mizutori, but let met introduce it again here !

Mizutori, Original Japanese Geta

The Geta, these traditional wooden shoes whose pleasant sound reverberate in the ears with the sound of the fireworks with which they are often associated. The Japanese dressed in Kimono, the reflections of the incandescent multicolored powder in the sky as well as the Geta are the summit of the Japanese elegance on summer nights.

In 1988, Masashi Mizutori wanted his dream to become universal: Comfortable Geta, for all feet.

The fruit of a tradition, of a deep experience, the fusion of Western and traditional Japanese styles as well as the elegance that characterizes them accompanied by the possibility of making it an everyday garment are now the very heart of Mizutori and is inimitable.

Noble wood shoes have never been so comfortable.

What Mizutori guarantees:

– Handmade products made of natural wood

– Soft and respectful materials for your foot

– Ease of use

– Involvement in the use of responsible products and the planting of new trees.


– The temptation to want to wear them on every day


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