Aoi brewing “Alt” : Aoi Brewing is/are finally back with us!

They momentarily went bankrupt last in March, but a former employee acquired the company and its premises plus shops like Beer Garage, Growstock and former Aoi Beer Stand all in Shizuoka City!

The Brewery finally obtained her new license in January and the new master brewer is pumping in earnest.

I tasted this particular brew called ALT at THE PINT SHACK (formerly Aoi Beer Stand) in Miyuki-Cho, Aoi Ku, Shizuoka City!

Brewery: Aoi Brewing

Name: ALT

ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 36

Barley (Germany, Canada)

Hops: Bittering, Warrior, Hersbrucker

Yeast: 5-04

Malts: Kerr 2-Row, Durst Pilsner, IREKS Munich

Malt caramel: IREKS Crystal Teak, IREKS Chocolate, IREKS Son


Bubbles: Short head. Very fine bubbles

Color: Dark orange

Clarity: Smoky

Aroma: Bread, fruity, oranges

Taste: Deep, refreshing, well-rounded attack. Bread, faint oranges.

Smooth start. Lingers pleasantly on palate with longing acidity.

Stays faithful to the first impressions until the end.

Comments: Solid, dependable very enjoyable ALT. More complex than expected. For all seasons for all ages and genders!

Recommended pairings: Cheeses, cold meats.

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