Do you remember this posting about Strawberries Facts & Tips?

I introduced the “Hatsukoi no kaori/the Scent of First Love!” White Strawberry developped in 2006. Probably the most expensive strawberry in the world!

I also mentioned that its flesh is completely white while the skin is ivory with red seeds. It is not an albino strawberry!
But the taste is somewhat average.

Just discovered that Qu’Il Fait Bon, a large cake store has just been advertizing their new tart under the name of “Shiroi Ichigo~Hatsu Koi No Kaori/白いイチゴ~初恋の香り/White Strawberries=the Scent of First Love”!

At 1,575 yen a portion (16 US $) or 11,970 yen for the whole tart (125 US $), one (s) had better make sure this first love is the last and true one!LOL

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