Made by two Franco-Shizuokans born in Bourgogne and driven by the love of their Prefecture.
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Japanese Cakes/Wagashi 11: Youkan: Easy Recipe-Mizu Youkan


Youkan come in many guises. Here is an easy and ver basic recipe for “Mizu Youkan” that you will be able to adapt into many creations of yours! For vegans, vegetarians and omnivores!

-Boiled azuki beans: 1 can (430 g)
-Brown sugar: 60 g
-Salt: a pinch
-Agar agar Powder (“kanten” in Japanese): 4 g
-Water: 300 ml + 300 ml



Blend beans and 300 ml of water until smooth.


Pass mixture through fine sieve.


In 300 ml of water drop agara agar. Bring to boil, stirring at the same time. Then keep stirring vern medium fire for 1 minute.


Switch off fire. Pour sugar and salt. Mix well. Add bean paste. Mix well.


Pour in recipients of your choice (that is when the fun starts!) and let cool completely. Keep in fridge (not too cold, please). Take out of recipient and serve!

More recipes to come!


  1. ~Chanoyu~ | ~Panda in Wonderland~

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    1. dragonlife

      Thanks for the update!

  2. Atseyss

    Thanks to your recipe I made fancy mizu yokan ^v^ momo with shiroan and kabocha !
    It was good ! ^^

  3. Many

    This is what I came to your site in the first place for 🙂

  4. Many

    What an easy recipe! I bought canned anko paste so I did not put through the strainer. My husband loves it! The only thing he said was that the anko could have been a little bit smoother. Next time I will use the sieve for sure. He is very happy and so were friends who tried it. Thanks so much! So fun and so simple.

    1. dragonlife

      You are most welcome!
      Great fun to simply explain Japanese recipes actually!

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