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Japanese Cakes/Wagashi 9: Recipe-Beni Mochi


Here is a simple Japanese Cake/Wagashi Recipe that can be adapted to all shapes by vegans and vegetarians! Beni Mochi.
Beni Mochi, or 紅餅 in Japanese, means “Red Mochi”.

INGREDIENTS: 16 pieces

-Rice flour: 250 g
-White sugar: 80 g
-Water: 100 ml/half a cup (for white mochi)
-Brown sugar (take care in choosing the colour): 80 g
-Water: 100 ml/half a cup (for red mochi)



Divide rice flour into two equal parts (125 g) and pour into two different bowls.


In a deep pan, drop red sugar and add water. Heat over fire until completed melted. Switch off fire. Add rice flour and mix well.
Repeat same procedure with white sugar.


In a steamer, put mochi pastes (take care no to mix them) on a steaming paper and steam for 10 minutes.


Take out. Let cool. Make two balls and keep in different bowls.


Shape the mochi as above or according to your preference. Put them back inside the steamer on steming paper and steam for 10 more minutes.


Let cool and serve!
Are best enjoyed with Japanese tea, hot or cold!


  1. Jill Yu

    Thank you!

    1. dragonlife

      You’re welcome!

  2. Jill Yu

    I like to make sure the rice flour is not sweet rice flour (for mochi) ?

    1. dragonlife

      As the recipe includes sugar do not use sweet rice flour!

  3. noelnoms

    These look great. The darker dough looks like chocolate.

    1. dragonlife

      It does, doesn’t it?

  4. Cleopatra

    Nice! This looks like a recipe I can actually make 🙂 Now, you wouldn’t also happen to know a place to purchase seasonal wagashi online would you? I love Minimoto Kitchoan but I just don’t have the funds for them right now. Any suggestions?

    1. dragonlife

      Dear Cleopatra!
      I’m afraid they are difficult to buy outside Japan.
      Try on the internet!

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