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Japanese Cuisine: Tamago Miso Tsuke:Miso-pickled Egg Yolk


Eggs are one single ingredient used all over the World (except for the glacial caps mybe!), and people have come up with infinite ways of preserving them.
Tamago Miso Tsuke/卵黄味噌漬け is a popular way in Japan to preserve egg yolk in miso.
I decided to publish this very simple recipe as it could become useful for a tasty decoration!


-Raw eggs: 2
-Japanese sake: half a tablespoon
-Miso: 50 g
-Sugar: half a tablespoon



-Mix miso, Japanese sake and sugar well.


-Line two cups (narrow bottom and wide top) with gauze cloth (first clean it in cold clean water and press out all water). Pour half of the miso mix on each.


-Wash the egg and wipe it clean of water. Use it to fashion a “bed” inside the miso.


-Break the egg and separate yolk from white. Drop the Egg yolk (only!) inside the miso bed. Cover with cellophane paper and leave inside the refrigeartor for 2 days.


-After the first two days take the cup out and turn the egg yolk over delicately with a spoon. Leave in the fridge for three~four more days.
It should be ready by then!
It can be safely preserved inside a tightly closed tupperware inside the fridge for up to ten days!


  1. Caleb

    Beautiful photo also*

    1. dragonlife

      Cheers, my friend!

  2. Caleb

    What are ways to use tamago no misozuke?
    just eat plain?

    1. dragonlife

      Just plain or on top of a salad!

    2. Kyoshi

      It’s eaten as a side dish with rice.

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