Yuzu Koshio or lime and Chili mix is prepared with green hot chili (as opposed to red one) and lime skin/zest.
It is quite commnon in Kyushu Island, especially in Oita Prefecture, as well as far as in Okinawa.
It is quickly becoming more and more popular all over Japan, and is even locally produced in our Prefecture, Shizuoka!
It is a very versatile condiment that can be used in all kinds of Asian cuisines by vegans, vegetarians and omnivores alike!

Here is a simple recipe. Don’t forget you can replace green chilies with red chilies for two varieties!


-Green lime: 1 large
-Fresh green chilies: 6
-Salt: to taste



-Peel the lime.
Wash the lime zests and green chilies in clean cold water.


-Chop lime zests as fine as possible.


-Cut the chilies in two, discard the seeds and chop them all as fine as possible.


-Grind lime zests and chilies with a pestle so as to obtain a paste.


-Add salt (experimentation might be needed there) and mix well.


-Add lime juice (experimentation might be needed there, too) and mix well.


-Wrap the mix in cellophane paper and store in a tupperware box, or pour it inside a small bottle. Keep it in the fridge away from the light.
Consume as soon as possible!

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