Yokohama City


Yokohama City: Minatomirai from Dusk to Dawn!

I stayed last night on the 16th floor of a hotel facing the sea in Minatomirai, one of the top touristic spots in Yokohama City!
The weather and clear all day and night and I did some experiments with the various stages from dusk to night with the landscape provided through our bay window!

The time was 05:26 PM on the big wheel!

The rainbow bridge and Yokohama Bay!

The strangely shaped moon crescent hotel on the left!

05:45 PM!

Hazy The rainbow bridge and Yokohama Bay!

Grey moon crescent hotel!

06:01 PM!

The rainbow bridge and Yokohama Bay starting to light up!

Futuristic hotel?

06:12 PM!

Only lines and dots in The rainbow bridge and Yokohama Bay!

Space base?

10:26 PM! The wheel had stopped moving!

Better lit The rainbow bridge and Yokohama Bay!

But the space station had gone quiet!

05:40 AM!

The rainbow bridge and Yokohama Bay probably at its best and most unknown at dawn!

Still looks like an alien vessel!

06:03 AM!

Fiery sky!

Apparently I awakened before the aliens!


Drinking I-phone Cases in Japan!

I just discovered some interesting i-phone cases for drinkers, especially sake lovers in a shop in Chinatown, Yokohama!

Ideal for beer and craft beer lovers!

But this one and the next one are definitely for Japanese sake fans!
The one above might suggest you need the masks to hide your your innibriated state!

Simple, beautiful and humoristic, as the cup looks like a smiling mouth!

Pavements in Yokohama City, especially in the vicinity of Minatomirai are decorated with all kinds of tiles and plaques to attract passers-by’s eyes and and entice them to the many sights, views, shops, events and places in town!
Just follow the collection below and you will probably end taking photographs, too!

Sign at the entrance of Kaiko Promenade overhead street!

Harbor Opening Commemoration Promenade!

The same but smaller can be found everywhere!

Here and there you will find groups of tiles numbering 4,….


8 again,…

8 more again,….


9 again,…

And even 24 tiles! With directions!

Now, let’s find them individually!

Park and harbor!

Letter writing sailor having a smoke!

Horse-drawn cart!



Ancient building!

Ship and tower!

Another ancient building!

Horse-drawn kid cart!


A Japanese Lord overlooking the harbor!

Bubble sights!


Cruise ship!

Pink house ship!

Sailors’ cemetery and lighthouse!

An old style Japanese pass!

Sailor with telescope!

Moored ships!

Ancient bicycle and balloons!

Oil lamp!

Cycling lady!

Lighthouse, fish and mermaid!

Black ship!


Street car!

19th Century gentry!


Double horse-drawn cart!

The same in pink!

Street lamps!

Another combination of 4 tiles!

Lighthouse in blue this time!

19th Century gentry in dark blue instead of grey!

Team boat!

Ball-playing Chinese girl!

Craftmanship Street in Motomachi!

Same again but in a different style!

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