Haginishiki Brewery is located in the southern part of Shizuoka City and was founded in 1895.
It exclusively uses water from a natural source inside their premises (actually accessible to the public who are graciously allowed to take water for their own use.).
Very warm welcome.
They produce the whole gamut from normal sake (futsushuu) to top-class sake (daiginjyou).
Very reasonably priced. The pick is a sake made on order to commemorate the Toro Ruins called « Toro No Sato » (Toro Village). It is a Tokubetsu Junmai priced 1,835 yen for 720 ml bottle, a bargain. Their « Daiginjyou » at 3,364 yen a 720 ml is a bit pricey, but it deserves it!
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Visited on December 21st, 2006
Address: Haginishiki Shuzou, Shizuoka City, Suruga Ku, Nishiwaki, 381
Tel.: 054-2852371
Fax: 054-2877569

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