International Virtual Tasting: Hana No Mai


Like-minded Japanese sake lovers and tasters decided to compare two brews produced by Hana No Mai Brewery, Shizuoka Prefecture, Hamamatsu City (formerly Hamakita City) and compare them for their taste and characteristics on May, 21st, 2007.

Please check for comparison notes published by Melinda, andEtsuko in Tokyo and Valerie, Timothy and Eric & Hiroko in the U.S!

Name: Hana No Mai Ginjo
Brewery: Hana No Mai Brewery Co., Ltd.
Grade: Ginjo
Prefecture: Shizuoka // Overall Rating: 7
ALC: 15.5 // 4 Fragrant
SMV: +5 // 6 dry
Acidity: 1.2 // Simple 2
Seimaibuai (milling %): 55% // quick finish 2

Aroma/fragrance: light cherries/Ricey
Clarity: very clear
Colour: faint amber
Body: light
Taste: good, dry, discret. Cherries, soft faint vanilla
Aftertaste:dry, tends to disappear quickly.

Overall: dry, light drunk best at room temperature or lukewarm.
Brewmaster Kazuhito Tsuchida explained to me that this sake was especially designed for beginners and young people.

Name: Hana No Mai Junamai Dai Ginjo
Brewery: Hana No Mai Brewery Co., Ltd.
Grade: Junamai Dai Ginjo
Prefecture: Shizuoka // Overall Rating: 8.5
ALC: 15.5 // 4 Fragrant
SMV: +4 // 4 dry/sweet
Acidity: 1.3 // Complex 5
Seimaibuai (milling %): 5o% // Lingering 6

Aroma/fragrance: light, flowers
Clarity: very clear
Colour: transparent
Body: light
Taste: gentle on the palate, soft, petillant, apricot, white peach, nectarine, gardenias
Aftertaste: petillant lingering into citrus fruits

Overall: dry, light, absorbing. Best drunk at room temperature

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