Japan « Toughies » Faces!怖い日本人の顔!


Don’t even think of getting the sake?

The japanese, for all their innate gentleness and love of peace can put on some really fierce faces when required or requested!
A trait they learned in kabuki!
It certainly makes for interesting photography (and psychology, too)!

here is a small selection of pictures I took this year in different festivals in Shizuoka prefecture!

If that guy on the left gets even nearer….

Get out of the way, will ya!

If one ever dares call me a sissy….

Why do I have to look after these kids?

Show some respect to your elders, kiddo!

Chicken asses, that’s what they are!

Who am I going to eat today?

Do you have a problem?

Do you want feel a bit of it?

Where is my purse?

You’ve got something to say about my hairstyle?

You want my name?

Blimey, it’s hot!

Pain in the neck!

Stupid me, getting drunk in front of those kids!

Some will never look tough, whatever you do to them!

Not so tough after all those drinks!

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