Japanese Cake: Dorayaki-Basic Recipe

Dorayaki (どら焼き, どらやき, 銅鑼焼き, ドラ焼き) is a type of Japanese confection which consists of two small pancake-like patties made from castella wrapped around a filling of sweet red bean paste.

It has been made popular by the famous manga character, Doraemon.

Here is a simple recipe that will please children and adults alike!

Japanese Cake: Dorayaki!


Eggs: 2
Sugar: 100 g
Honey: 1+1/2 tablespoons
Salad oil: 1 tablespoon
Mirin/sweet sake: 1 tablespoon
Sodium bicarbonate: 1/3 teaspoon
Flour: 150 g
Water: 40~60 cc/ml

-Salad oil for cooking

-Sweetmeats/Anko/Bean jam:
300 g: (50 g per dorayaki)Look HERE for basic recipe!


-Use a hand whisker instead of an electric whisker/blender as overmixing will achieve poor results!
Respect the order of the ingredients!
Beat the eggs and add the sugar. Mix until the mixture whitens.
Add the honey and mix until it has completely nblended in.
Add oil and mix.
Add bicarbonate sodium and mix.
Add mirin and mix.

-Add half of flour and mix well.
Add other half and mix well.

-Add water and mix. The amount of water might vary with the kind of flour.

-Heat a frypan over a medium fire first.
take frypan off fire.
Lower fire.
Once the frypan has cooled down bring over the fire again.
Wipe it with a kitchen paper soaked with salad oil.
Wipe off excess oil if necessary.

-Pour pancake mixture. Bear in mind that the size of the panckes must be the same. The amount, whatever it is must be the same. Choose your ladle/spoon well beforehand!

-Cover with lid.

-When bubbles have appeared across the surface turn the pancake over.

-The very minimum of oil will garantee an even cooking!

-Too much oil and your pancake will have that look!

Sandwich sweetmeats/anko between two pancakes and serve hot.

Once cooled down you may deep-freeze them wrapped in cellophane paper.

A perfect look!

12 thoughts on “Japanese Cake: Dorayaki-Basic Recipe”

  1. I just made these gluten free and thought id post my recipe:
    75g Kroger Organic GF all purpose baking mix (think pancake mix)
    2 large eggs (3.5 oz.)
    40g sugar
    2 pinches sea salt
    1 T. Veg. Oil
    1 T. Karo corn syrup (could use honey or agave)
    30 ml cold water

    Same directions as above. Really great texture and taste, i did reduce sugar a bit.

    I will make again. My daughter loves these!
    Mrs. Chiu


  2. Thank you so much for this recipe and instructions; I made these today using gluten free flour and I had to fiddle around with the quantities a bit but eventually got the consistency right! GF versions of most things are often a little different (tosay the least!) and I expect a Japanese person would find my version unacceptable but we really enjoyed them; this recipe is so much better than the typical drop pancake recipe I find most westerners use which is dry.
    One thing though; surely there should be soy or tamari sauce in the ingredients? I added a teaspoon and also some Mirrin and it made the dorayaki taste divine!

    Liked by 1 person

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