A very small « kura » founded in 1890.
Mr. Matsuo is the 7th generation Master Brewer.
It has no catalogue on offer, but it achieved great fame for developping the « Shizuoka Yeast » (« Shizuoka Koobo ») used by 9 « kura » in Shizuoka Prefecture.
Great welcome, although the place is tucked away from civilization. It cost me more than 50 US$ to find it by taxi from the railway station as no bus was available, but it was all worth it!
Talking of great welcome, although I only bought a bottle of Junmai Ginjyo, they presented me wit a good 2 kg of « Sake Kasu » (white lees or solid residual matter left after filtering , used to make « Amazake » or in Japanese pickles), whereas a lot of companies sell it!
Homepage (Japanese)

Visited on December 22nd, 2006
Address: Fukuroi City, Yamada, 537
Tel.: 0538-486405
Fax: 0538-486428

Denichiro (a special brew)

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