Réalisé par deux français originaires de Bourgogne, réunis à Shizuoka pour l'amour de leur Préfecture.

List of Shizuoka Shochu Distillers

Recently I was told by a friend/izakaya owner: « there are no shochu in Shizuoka Prefecture! »
Well, I found no less than 38! Actually 37 as one is sold, not brewed, by a sake Brewery. But I don’t include the many « private brands! brewed for individuals or places such as restaurants and hotels!

Below are the existing Distilleries:

Fuji Gun
Fujinishiki Brewery: Kasutori Shochu (kome/rice), Kaguyahime No Sasayaka (mugi/wheat-grain), Hyakushyouitsuki (kuromai/black rice), Fuji no Shizuku, Fuji no Shizuku Kimpaku Iri (Gold flakes) , Fujinishiki Katsutori Shochu (kome/rice), Imonii (Imo/tuber), Fujisan Susono 3776 (kome+cha/rice+tea), Chakkirishi (kome+ocha/rice+green tea), Sachiura (imo/tuber. Sold in Fukuroi City), Sumpujo Shitamachi (kome/rice, private brand), Sumpojo Shitamachi (mugi/grain, private brand)
fujinishiki-kaguyahimeno-sasayaki-mugi.jpg fujinishiki-fujinoshizuku.jpg fujinishiki-kasutorishochu.jpg fujinishiki-imonii.jpg yakushyouikki.jpg fujiyama-gold.jpg sannanaroku.jpg chakkiri.jpg

Fujieda City
Sugii Brewery: Saisuke (imo/tuber & kome/rice); Chittoratsu (imo/tuber); Imo Otoko (imo/tuber), Hamakomachi (imo/tuber), Kogane-Danshaku (Kogane imo + Danshaku Potato)
saisukehimo.gif saisukekome.gif

Fujinomiya City
Makino Brewery: Fuji Yama Shochu (Mugi/wheat-grain)
shochu-present01.jpg makino-fujisan-mugi.jpg

Fujimasa Brewery
Chiyozumi/Kasutori Shochu (kome/rice)

Fuji Takasago Brewery
Fuji No Tsuyu (Kome/rice)

Iwata City
Senju Distillery: Inaizumi (rice/kome), HS-40 37 degrees and 25 degrees (kome/rice), Bekko Tonbo (rice)
inaizumi.jpg senju-hs-40.jpg

Hamamatsu City
Hana No Mai Brewery (formerly known as Hisae Brewery): Yaramaika, Kasutori Shochu, Acha No Tsubome, Aratama Shochu, Aratama No Sato, Shizu, Oyaji, Amagi Mine (all kome/rice), Minami Alps Tennen Mizu Shikomi Moromi Tori Honkaku Shochu (kome/rice), Minami Alps Tennen Mizu Shikomi Kasutori Honkaku Shochu (kome/rice), Fuji Tetsu (private brand)
yaramaika.jpg hananomai-aratamanosato.jpg hannomai-achanokyoku.jpg hananomai-shizu.jpg haanomai-kasutori.jpg hana-amagimine.jpg hana-honkaku.jpg sushitetsu-shochu

Tenjingura-Hamamatsu Brewery: Douman (kome/rice); Goroshichi (kome/rice); Goroshichi (kome/rice)
douman-shochu.jpg tenjigura-goronana.jpg doman21

Izu City
Bandai Brewery: Wasabi Sake (Wasabi/Japanese green horseradish), Oni no Nenbutsu (kome/rice)
shochu2.jpg bandai-oni-no-nenbutsu.jpg

Numazu City
Takashima Distillery (Hakuin Masamune): En, Daippo (kome/rice)
hakuin-en.jpg hakuin-kome.jpg takashima-dai-ippo.jpg


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