Mount Fuji: Urban Sights from Shimizu JR Station!


Mount Fuji is an ever-changing sight and can be caught in most interesting situations if you one corner of your eye at the horizon especially in the Fall and Winter!


Just coming out of Western Exit of the Shimizu JR Station on the Tokaido Railway Line I noticed Mount Fuji far away in distance through a fence!


Mount Fuji behind barbed wires!


Mount Fuji held prisoner by a blue cross sect?


On my way I noticed a marked change of color!
Can you see the train run by?


Taking the train to Mount Fuji!


Just before my train back to Shizuoka I even managed a somewhat psychedelic picture of Mount Fuji from upstairs!
Mount Fuji: Urban Sights from Suruga Ku, Shizuoka City!


Now is the season when you can see Mount Fuji clearly from Shizuoka City even from spots that are not evident for most of the year!


I had cycled a long way down Suruga Ku, the Southern half of Shizuoka City when I reached some paddy fields just beyond the last buildings before a long break in the landscape becoming more rural in spite of the recent building boom!


Mount Fuji has received a lot of snow of late and it helps for a great contrast in the distance.
Actually you have to travel a lot before the buildings stop hiding it from everyone’s view!

Tip of Mount Fuji at Okitsu Station, Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City!


This is a season to keep your eyes well open as the cold and crisp air helps with photography when the sky is cloudless!


mount has a knack to turn out in some interesting places!
I caught it from Platform 1 (you can’t from the others!) at Okitsu Station in Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City!
I’m sure to come with more as I often take the train across the Prefecture!

Sometime in Spring 2010. Shinkasen Train from Shizuoka City to Mishima City. Taken by R-G. M.

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