November 21st~22nd, 2009: Shizuoka Prefecture Sake Tasting Session at the JALT Conference


Who is this guy? LOL

Thanks to the incredible efforts of Etsuko Nakamura and her companion in life, Ted, Japanese Sake, and Shizuoka Sake in particular became a major feature for the first time during the Annual JALT (Japan Association of language Teachers) Conference held again in Shizuoka City at Grandship on November 21st~23rd.

The Shizuoka sake Waiting Team!

The sake events came in two distinctive parts.
On Saturday 21st from 16:30 to 20:00, JALT members and visitors were offered the possibility to choose from 9 different brews (paying 1,000 yen for three different tastings) chosen among the 28 breweries existing in Shizuoka Prefecture:
-Hatsukame Brewery (Okabe-cho): Junmai
-Aoshima Brewery (Fujieda City): Kikuyoi Junmai
-Shidaizumi Brewery (Fujieda City): Junmai Ginjo
-Sugii Brewery (Fujieda City): Suginishiki Junmai Nama Genshu Kin No Kai
-Isojiman Brewery (Yaizu City): Bessen Honjozo
-Doi Brewery (Kakegawa City): kaiun Junmai
-Morimoto Brewery (Kikugawa City): Sayogoromo Kao Label Tokubetsu Honjozo (my favourite!)
-Kokkou Brewery (Fukuroi City): Tokubetsu Junmai
-Kansawagawa Brewery (Shizuoka City, Shimizu Ku, Yui): Shosetsu Karakuchi Junmai Homare Fuji
-Fujinishiki Brewery (Shibakawa Cho): Junmai

Drinking in the Dark?

The tasting was a great success.
Incidentally, visitors did not all go for the more famous brands. i wonder why? LOL

On Sunday 22nd, from 16:30 to 20:00, a second tasting session was held. This time the brewers or owners were present. Actually your servant was drafted in to extoll the merits of Eikun as the owner’s daughter had fallen sick on the very morning (no need to say that interpretation was necessary!)!

Do you recognize this gentleman? LOL

This time not only brews were tasted but a full-fledged sale event was organized for visitors who wished to bring these rare sake back home (The JALT Conference attracted no less than 1,600 professionals!):

-Takashima Brewery (Numazu City): Hakuin Masamune (Homarefuji Junmai + Ymahai Junmai + Junmai Daiginjo Tobin Gakoi)
-Eikun Brewery (Shizuoka City, Shimizu Ku, Yui): Eikun (Tokubetsu Junmai Hiyaoroshi + Junmai Ginjo Midori no eikun +Daiginjo Tobin Gakoi)
-Kansawagawa Brewery (Shizuoka City, Shimizu Ku, Yui): Shosetsu (Shosetsu Tokubetsu Junmai + Shosetsu Tokubetsu Honjozo + Daiginjo)
-Hatsukame Brewery (Okabe cho): Hatsukame (Kamejirushi Ginjo + Kamemaru Junmai Ginjo + Daiginjo)
-Isojiman Brewery (Yaizu City): Isojiman (Daiginjo Junmai Emerald)
-Kokkou Brewery (Fukuroi City): Kokkou (Tokubetsu Junmai + Junmai Ginjo Nakgumi + Junmai Daiginjo Tobin Gakoi)
-Aoshima Brewery (Fujieda City): Kikuyoi (Kikuyoi Junmai Ginjo + Junmai Ginjo matsushita mai 50%, organic sake!)
-Sanwa Brewery (Shizuoka City, Shimizu Ku): Garyubai (Garyubai Junma Genshu + Junmai Ginjo Yamada Nishiki)
-Doi Brewery (Kakegawa City): Kaiun (Junmai Hiyaoroshi + Junmai Hana no Kaori Nama)

All the above could be tasted for a mere 1,200 yen!

Courtesy of Shizuoka Shinbun Daily (nOVEMBER 23rd, 2009)

On the same day the local media was lurking around and had a field day with all these « gaijin » who loved their sake and could express their opinions in Japanese!

Once again, Etsuko and Ted, a very big thank you for all the incredible work!

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