Street Statues in Numazu City
People Dance
If you walk along the main street leading from Numazu JR Station to the Numazu harbor you will notice quite a few statues erected by the city with the help of local artists.
Yesterday I took those pictures walking along the right side. There are more on the left side and hope to show some of them soon.
I think this is a great initiative from the city and it does soothe the heart.
Itoh City in northern Izu Prefecture is also a good example I will ave to investigate soon!
It can also be brought to practical uses sometimes as shown by this lost hat somewhat hung onto this cat’s tail!
Just another proof of how peaceful this country is!
Numazu City has always been a very active fishing harbor in Japan and it is full of sea birds!
Caught under the tree shade from another angle. I’m sure professional photographers would come up with an infinity of possibilities!
Energetic and happy dance!
Another gull about to take off?
Or just landed?
An imposing big-shoed teacher of matron?
Will walk along the left side of the street next time!

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