Sake Labels Scrapbooks


Last year, when I started to seriously study the history of sake and sake breweries in Shizuoka Prefecture, I came to rue the fact that I had nothing to show for all the sake I drunk all these years! To think that I had even started a label collection to only give it later to a (very good) friend to use as decoration back home!
Oh well, it’s never too late to begin, eh?
So, in late September (I still remember that it was one of those stuffy rainy days) I went to my favourite stationery store and chose scrapbooks big enough to accomodate sake labels (the one on 1.8 l bottles are truly enormous!) and strong enough to carry around.

I’m not the type to write methodically what I experience, but at least I can use such a scrapbook for constant reference as I not only jot down indispensible information, but stick business cards, catalogue cuts, book copies and newspaper articles as they come.
One could easily make it a work of art, and I would encourage anyone to do so!
But the importance of such a compilation lies in the fact that it will be easy to donate before you depart from this world and contribute precious material for future « sake historians »!
And to drive a point home to some incapable people in the Shizuoka Sake Brewers Association!

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