Shizuoka Beer 1/1~4: Tenjingura Brewery



Not many people know yet that the sake, shochu, liqueur and beer brew master in Hamamatsu Tenjingura Brewery in Hamamatsu City is actually is a mistress brewer!


On the other hand the owner is a gentleman, although well helped by his spouse!
Marketing is making use of local celebrities combining Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu and Mount Fuji!


Product name: Hamamatsu-Tenjingura Brewery Weizen
grain, grain malt, hop, yeast
Alcohol: 5%
Contents: 330 ml


Shortish head
Bubbles: Fine, white
Color: deep orange/persimmon
Aroma: Citruses
Taste: Dry and fruity attack.
Very refreshing.
Citruses, hints of bread, apricots and persimmons.
Drinks very easily.
Little affected by food.

Overall: Probably conceived as a thirst quencher, but reveals a superior character with a lot of depth and complexity for such a type of craft beer!

2) Tenjigura Portere Ieyasu Kun


Hamamatsu Tenjingura Brewery have come up with new labels for its 3-beer range!


First of all they have changed the name of the beers to Ieyasu Kun, the new mascotte of Shizuoka Prefecture in remembrance of Tokugawa Ieyasu Shogun who retired to Shizuoka in the first half of the 17th Century!


As shown until next week at Matsuzakaya Department Store in Shizuoka City the label picture Mount Fuji which has just been accepted as the new UNESCO World Cultural Heritage!


Ieyasu Kun!


Product Name: Tenjingura Beer-Porter/Ieyasu Kun
Ingredients: Grain malt, Hops
Volume: 330 ml
Alcohol: 4.5%


Clarity: opaque but very clean
Color: very dark rich dark brown/coffee
Foam: Thin head but keeping longer than expected
Aroma: light. caramel, roasted grains
Taste: Well-rounded rich dry attack:
Complex: roasted grains, whole bread, roasted nuts, hints of macadamia
Pleasantly lingers inside the palate with a fizzy feeling before ending on a drier note.
Thoroughly enjoyable on its own chilled or even at room temperature.
Marries well with heavy food thanks to its dry lighter than usual taste for a porter.

Overall: A highly pleasant craftbeer which will be enjoyed by both gender of any age. Can be used as a thirst quenching porter.
I particularly enjoyed it as an aperitif with a potato and bean salad! Should go well with cold meats, too!
Do not forget to collect the label!
3) Tenjigura Pilsner


This is the third bottle from Tenjigura-Hamamatsu Brewery in Hamamatsu City.
It is a very basic Czech-style Pilsner.

Name: Tenjigura-Pilsner
Ingredients: Malt, Hops.
Volume: 330 ml
Alcohol: 4.5%

Colour: Orange
Foam: Thick head, fine bubbles. Lingering long
Aroma: Oranges, pineapple
Taste: Dry. Oranges, bread. Welcome acidity.
Comments: both refreshing and somewhat nourishing. Drinks well with light food and snacks.

1) Tenjingura Weizen


Since we are in the middle of an extraordinarily hot summer, it is about time we delve in the local beers! And there are more than you might think! Considering the abundance of great water in Shizuoka Prefecture, we should wonder why we are not afloat lakes of beers put out by local breweries!

The first of a (hopefuly) long series shall start with a brew by Tenjingura Brewery in Hamamtsu City:

Name: Tenjingura Beer-Weizen
Yeast: German Weizen yeast
Ingredients: More than 50% Wheat malt
Volume: 330 ml
Alcohol: 5%

Colour: Nice darkish amber
Clarity: Clear
Foam: fine and disappearing quickly
Aroma: Bread, yeast
Body: Velvety on the palate
Taste: Fruity, Yeasty, bread

Comments: Both refreshing and nourishing. Almsot sweet with very little acidity. A beer for all seasons.

Tenjingura/Hamamatsu Brewery Co. Ltd.
430-463-3851 Hamamatsu City, Naka Ku, Tenjin Machi, 3-57
Tel.: 053-4616145
Fax: 053-463-3851
HOMEPAGE (Japanese)
Business hours: 10:30~21:00
Closed on Tuesdays

4 thoughts on “Shizuoka Beer 1/1~4: Tenjingura Brewery”

  1. Dear DH nad Nate!
    I am very impressed and pleased by your postings on Mein Schloss and Tenjingura (personal friends of mine!) as they are from “my” prefecture, Shizuoka!
    Ther 7 more breweries in the Prefecture, Fujinomiya (1), Gorenba (1), Izu Kougen and Itp City (3), Numazu (1) and Kannami, near Mishima (1)
    If you need any information, don’t hesitate!
    Check my blogs about Shizuoka Sake and Shochu, too!


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