At long last I was able to make use of the aiprort they built in 2008 in Shimada City, Shizuoka Prefecture under the name of Shizuoka Fujisan Airport, that is the airport that welcomes you to Shizuoka, the home of Mont Fuji!
Why did I use it?
Because I paid a short visit to Taiwan.
I traveled from Shizuoka City, and you will discover how easy and practical it has become to travel from and to Shizuoka Prefecture!

The above map will you give you an idea of our location!
Now just follow me!

You can always board the bus from Shizuoka JR Station, platform 4, but even more practical for people who live in Shizuoka Cty is the bus station at Cenova Department Store where you are protected from all nature elements.
First go to Gate 6!

Gate 6!

The route!

The schedule: far right column!

You can’t miss the bus!

Shizutetsu Company Limousine type bus!

You can pay cash or use a Shizutesu Line Prepaid Card.
Fee: 1000 yen per person for a 52-minute trip.

The airport in day time.
Note that drivers can leave their car at the airport for free as long as they want in the 1000-car parking lot!

The entrance at night.

Past the entrance.

Just look around you in the lobby and you will know why the Airport is called « Fujisan/ Mount Fuji »!

A modern rendition of the sacred mountain!

Internet service available (not free, though)!

Plenty of drinks vending machines available.
Incidentally, the washrooms are spotless clean!

Plenty of local souvenirs in wait for you!

Plenty of miniature models! Shizuoka is the world capital of miniature models!

Kokko/Chick cakes!

Green tea, of course!
Shizuoka produces more than 45% of all tea in Japan!

Introduction of Shimada City with a personal greeting to Taiwanese visitors!

Introduction of the nature habitat surrounding Mount Fuji!

An original size painting of Mount Fuji! (not for sale!)

Lots of shopping to do, and basically all local products!

Shizuoka Tea!

Shizuoka sake!
Some of the best and rarest in Japan!

More of them and even rarer Shizuoka shochu!

The perfect gift!

Chibi Marukop, the TV manga character which made Shizuoka and Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City, famous all over Japan and beyond!

Kameya (Mishima City) Company’s wasabi products!
Shizuoka produces 80% of all premium wasabi in Japan!

Tamaruya (Shizuoka City) Company’s wasabi products!

Miniature models of FDA/Fuji Dream Airlines (Shizuoka-based) airplanes!

If you are hungry. a restaurant is waiting for you upstairs, notably featuring local sushi!

Most of the fish comes directly from nearby Yaizu Harbor!

More food including local unagi/eel!

Plenty of drinks also available!

Practical system!
Select your food or drink, pay and hand the ticket over to the staff!

There is also an observation deck!
Pity it was night by then!

Note that the airport is located in the middle of nature away from cities!

Christmas is drawing near!

Inside view from the observation deck.

And then, it is the next step through the Customs!
Can you see the official trying to tell me not to take pictures? LOL

Another souvenir shop inside the waiting lobby.
I wasn’t allowed to take pictures of the articles on sale, though…..

Plenty of snacks and drinks for those who can wait until they are inside the plane!

Waiting patiently inside the spotless clean little waiting lobby.

See you in Taiwan!

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