Shizuoka Prefecture Hot Springs On The Cheap: « Itawari No Yuu » in Shimada City

Shizuoka Prefecture is probably the most famous and visited prefecture in Japan when it comes to hot springs spas, but quite a few visitors hesitate to visit them because they are misled into thinking that they uniformly expensive.

The roda sign indicating « Tashiro no Sato Spa/田代の郷温泉 », the original name of the spa where « Itawari No Yuu/伊太和里の湯 » is located!
Actually it very much possible to Visit hot springs spas in day-time without having to stop for the night and very reasonable at that!

One of them is located in the middle of nature in the northern part of Shimada City in Central Shizuoka Prefecture.
The name of the Spa is « 田代の郷温泉/Tashiro no Sato Onsen » where the actual bathouse is called « Itawari No Yuu/伊太和里の湯 ».
One can reach it by car or by Shimada City-sponsored community bus (only 200 yen!) at the terminal of the Itawari No Yu Bus Line.

It was built only 6 years alongside a popular retired citizens homes inside a small park with the whole place electricity provided by nearby solar panels!

The place is fully equipped for all visitors including physically impaired bathers!
But keep in mind that visitors bearing tattoos, be they real or stickers are not welcome, and neither are pets!

Now, do remember not to make the same mistake I made: as this is sponsored by the City the service is minimal if very welcoming. DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR OWN TOWEL!. If you do you still can buy a small one for 300 yen inside the premises

Simple admission to the bath fees are as in order (first line) for single tickets for adults, primary school students and senior citizens. The price below are for a set of 11 tickets!

The lobby and small souvenir shop!

The restaurant!
Bear also in mind you are not allowed to bring in food or drinks from outside!

Drinks including alcohol can be bought on site!

If you wish to take a meal take a good look at the pictures describing the reasonably-priced homey food!

The recommendations of the day!

The Dragon’s choice: sashimi and seafood bowl set!

My choice: tempura bowl set!

The lunch sets once again introduced in their popularity order!

Buy your meal first through ht meal ticket automatic vending machine!

You can choose your seat at a table or on a tatami floor!

You can even choose a table under the veranda outside along a Japanese garden!

My lunch set!

Tempura bowl!

Quite good actually with prawns, fish and vegetables!

The Dragon’s lunch set!

Typical seafood dish in Shizuoka Prefecture!

Quite satisfying to eat this up in the mountains!

Washroom for physically-impaired visitors!

The entrance to the male bathers public and outdoor baths!

View from the indoors baths where one still has to wash himself before diping his body in the baths indoors or outdoors!

The outdoors male baths!

Free rest armchairs (some massage chairs are available for a fee)!

Although we did first have a bath in the public facilities we wanted to relax in privacy and had booked (booking compulsory by phone) a private room with private bath!

A family of five can fit in! perfect for a couple!

Fully equipped!

With its own little private garden!

Bathtub view from the garden!

Don’t forget to wash yourself first!

Take the wooden covers off the bath!

Take a dip!
Don’t worry, the bathtub will fill up automatically! Japanese hi-tech!

Low-tech equipment for physically-impaired bathers provided!

Washroom equipped for any needs!
« Itawari No Yuu Hot Springs/伊太和里の湯 »
Shimada City, Ita, 88-1
Tel.: 0547-33-1148
Opening ours: 09:00~21:00 (last entrance~20:30)
Closed on Mondays or next day if Monday is a National Holiday
Entrance fee (for public bath): adults: 410 yen, Primary school students: 300 yen
Private room with bath (on reservation only): 2,000 yen (2 hours)
Smoking not allowed anywhere except inside special enclosure
Tattoos or stickers not allowed
Pets not allowed
Own food or drinks not allowed inside

Access: by community buses from Shimada Station North Exit Bus Stop (check schedules!) or by own transport: 15~30 minutes

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