Interior Design Shop: D & DEPARTMENT PROJECT by TAITA in Shizuoka City!
Service: Friendly and attentive
Equipment: very clean overal. Very clean washroom. Large parking
Prices: Reasonable
Strong points: Only long-lasting goods on sale!
The southern side of Shizuoka JR Station, i.e. Suruga Ku, is the part of Shizuoka City to conduct large shopping especially when thinking of one home’s interior.
Among those large shops one stands out for its concept and wares: D&Department Project in Shizuoka by Taita!
Shop Manager, Ms. Chinatsu Mori/森千夏さん (right) and staff
D6DEPARTMENT is a « long design concept » shop.
That is, their wares are conceived not only to please customers for their design and practicality but also for their long life.
Their shop associated with a cafe/restaurant also provides a large parking, making it very easy for families to visit and stay as long as they want inside the place!
They recently celebrated their fifth anniversary and the staff wrote their thanks on the bay windows!
Interesting sets!
Their philosophy follows 5 tenets:
1) Knowledge of the fabrication and manufacture.
All items on sale have been followed since their creation all along their fabrication to ensure their quality and long life.
Shizuoka products!
2) Personal Usage.
All the items on sale have been tried and used by the staff to ensure the satisfaction of the customers.
Nothing is thrown away. For example paper bags from other companies are recycled for the shop’s use!
3) Sell at the right price.
The shop has to be able to sell items that will last at least 5 years to be able to buy it back. The shop sells only items that will not only last for their quality but also for their design.
Retro bags back to life!
4) Durable goods that can be repaired
The shop does not sell items that can’t be reasonably repaired.
Everyday office and work goods!
5) Choose only makers’ long sellers
Long life design is based on the makers’ willingness and interest to produce the same goods for a very long time.
Visit the second floor for larger interior items!
Don’t miss out the items on dislplay on the stairs!
Retro furniture!
take your time and rediscover designs of yore!
Overview of the Cafe/Restaurant!
Bear in mind that the bills are separate: Shop bills (credit cards OK), and cafe bills (cash only)
D&Department Project in Shizuoka by Taita
Manager: Ms. Chinatsu Mori/森千夏さん
422-8034 Shizuoka City, Suruga Ku, Takamatsu, 1-24-10
Tel.: 054-238-6678
Fax: 054-238-6679
Opening hours: 10:00~20:00(Saturdays and Sundays~23:00)
Closed on Tuesdays
Large parking Lot available

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