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Shizuoka & Other Prefectures Products Ice Creams in Fuji City!

(Courtesy of Shizuoka Shinbun Daily Newspaper)

I found an interesting piece of news in our Prefecture daily, The Shizuoka Shinbun (700,000 copies) this morning!

An ice-making company in Fuji City, Shunsai Yuzuan (President: Tuyoshi Saitoh) struck on the idea to create a “private” brand of ice creams to promote the famous products of Shizuoka Prefecture and neighbouring Prefectures after being asked by Touristic Parks and Resorts to help!

The ice cream come in cups of two different volumes: 80 cc and 120 cc. The 80 cc cups will come into 96 flavours whereas the 120 cc cups will introduce 72 flavours.

The price will range between 170 and 250 yen apiece.

As for the flavours, they will come from natural sources ranging from salt gathered in Heda and strawberries harvested in Izu to persimmons grown in Nagano Prefecture from more than 10 farms.

Great fun for gourmets and collectors!

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French Dessert: Glace aux Mendiants/Beggars’ Ice Cream


“Beggars” in French has two meanings:
1) hobo, mendicant, …
2) it is the name given to dry fruit and grains used in desserts and cakes.
It is a tradition for example to make a tart called the Beggars Tart with 7 different kinds of dry fruit and nuts in Winter.

This is why why this ice-cream is called “Beggars’ Ice Cream”!

INGREDIENTS: 4 persons

-Milk: 250 ml
-Thyme leaves: 1 tablespoon
-Sugar: 90 g
-Powder milk: 40 g
-Egg: 1
-Whole fresh cream: 120 ml

-Marrons glaces: 75 g
-Preserved orange peels: 5o g
-Unsalted pistachio: 15 g


-In a large pan bring the milk to boil and let the thyme infuse into it.

-In a large bowl mix the sugar and the powder milk.

-Separate egg yolks and whites.
In a deep bowl beat the egg yolks with a whisker with a little lukewarm nilk. Add the sugar and milk powder and mix. Add the rest of the milk.
Pour back into the large pan and mix with a spatula over a medium low fire.

-When the cream has become homogeneous/smooth, take off the fire and pour back into the deep bowl. Le cool.

-When the cream has completely cooled down, add and mix in the fresh cream and leave in refrigerator for at least 20 minutes.

-Take the cream out and strain it to discard the thyme leaves.

-Switch the ice cream maker/ice cream freezer on. Pour in the cream and let it turn/work for 25 minutes. When the ice cream starts jellyfing add egg whites, marrons glaces, orange peels and pistachio.
Fill soft molds (to make ice-crams easy to unmold) with ice ceam and leave inside freezer until just before serving.

-Serve it decorated with small pieces of marrons glaces, orange peels and broken pistachio over a caramel tile!

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