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French Cuisine: Cream Sauce Mushrooms


The mushrooms season has already started, wild ones or cultivated species. Morels for example can be found in woods in many countries of the northern Hemisphere. Mushrooms are low in calories, but high in quality, whether it concerns taste or nutrients.
But you do not have to wait till the season to appreciate them.
Deep-frozen mixed mushrooms packs are available on the internet and good supermarkets.
Here is the recipe of a dish my father enjoys ooking regularly back home in France. It can accompany any meat, especially white-flesh meat, or can be appreciated on its own as accompaniment with a solid white wine or heady Japanese sake.

INGREDIENTS: For3~4 people
-Mixed mushrooms of your choice, fresh or frozen (if frozen, let them thaw slowly inside refrigerator for a few hours and get rid of excess water): 500g
-Shallots (echalottes): 2 finely chopped
-Garlic: 2~3 cloves finely chopped (crush garlic before chopping it. Do not forget to discard cores!)
-Parsley or Italian flat parsley: half a cup finely chopped
-Fresh cream: 1 cup/200cc/ml
-Madeira wine: 1/4 cup/50cc/ml (yellow port is fine, too, as well as sweet sherry)
-Olive oil (EVA) and unsalted butter: about 2 large spoons of each
-Salt, pepper, nutmeg (to taste)


-On a medium fire in large frypan melt an equal quantity of olive oil and unsalted butter (some people prefer more, some less. Experiment!). Throw in the shallots and garlic and slowly fry until shallots turn transparent. Throw in all the mushrooms and fry until they give back enough water. Add Madeira wine. Stir well. Next add fresh cream and stir until cream is perfectly blended. Add salt, peeper and nutmeg last, stir. Check taste and add more spices if needed.
-Pour the whole in a large dish and sprinkle parsley over the mushrooms before serving.
-Eat hot.

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Mushrooms Gratin

When the Missus came back home from work last night, the night was miserable with wind and rain.
As I came back a lot earlier, I decided to prepare a simple hot dish to warm her up.
I had just bought plenty of mushrooms at the supermarket and they were to come handy!

I used five of them, three shimeji varieties, one eringe, and the last maitake.
Of course you can use absolutely any kind of fresh mushrooms in that simple recipe:

Mushrooms Gratin!

There are two ways to go about this recipe:
Either you make less sauce and include only one egg white and 50 ml of fresh cream, or you use the whole ingredients like I did to avoid any wastage. In the latter case many will call this gratain an open quiche, although a recipe is slightly different!

INGREDIENTS: For 2~4 people

-Mushrooms: as much/many as you want! At least two big fistfuls.
-Eggs: 4
-Butter: 50 g
-Fresh cream: 200 ml
-Salt, pepper, nutmeg: to taste

For frying the mushrooms:
-Olive oil + butter: 1 large tablespoon of each
-Shallot: 1 (chopped fine)
-Garlic: 1 clove (chopped fine)
-Fresh herbs: to taste, finely chopped (this where you can further improvise)
-Slat (a little!), pepper. Other spices are OK, but think about the whole balance!


-Preheat oven to 250 degrees Celsius.

-Separate yolks from whites.

-Drop the olive oil and butter in frypan to fry the mushrooms. on a medium fire, fry shallots and garlic until they become translucent.

-During that time, melt 50 g of butter over a small fire in a pan or frypan. Once the butter has melted, add egg yolks and keep stirring all the time to obtain a smooth sauce. Stop for a only a few seconds to drop the mushrooms into the frypan. Fry the mushrooms over a medium high fire. Toss them from time to time while you stir the egg sauce.

-Once the egg sauce has attained a smooth and creamy aspect, add the egg whites and keep stirring energically for a while. Once everything is well mixed add fresh cream and stir again. Once it is smooth, add salt, pepper and nutmeg. Mix and switch off the fire.
Fry the mushrooms until tthey have become soft and releae their juices.
Add salt, pepper and spice and stir for a few more seconds.

-Pour all the mushrooms and their juices in a flat shallow oven dish.
Pour all the egg sauce evenly over the mushrooms.

-Bake for about 10 minutes and serve hot!

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