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Shizuoka Sake Tasting: Sogatsuru-Hagi No Kura Brewery-Kazutoyo

This could very well be the last bottle I drink from Sogatsuru-Hagi No Kura Brewery in Kakegawa City as Hagi No Kura Brewery has definitely left Sogatsuru after buying Yoshiya Brewery’s license and moved to Shizuoka City this April although they could have done it last year!

Sogatsuru-Hagi No Kura Brewery, “Kazutoyo” kakegawajyo/Kakegawa Castle Junmai Ginjo

Alcohol: 15~16 degrees
Rice milled down to 55%
Bottled in March 2003

Clarity: very clear
Colour: transparent
Aroma: Fruity. Alcohol. Pineapple, banana.
Body: Fluid
Taste: Fruity and soft attack backed up with junmai petillant.
Dissipates quickly.
Complex. Almonds, nuts with memories of banana and coconuts.
Dry finish. Welcome acidity.
Holds its well with any food.

Overall: Despite its ginjo level, a sake fit for food.
Straightforward and unpretentious sake. Thoroughly enjoyable.
Delicious combination of sweetness and acidity.

Will miss that grand name, although I can expect the same from the new brewery!

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