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Shizuoka Foods Festival at Isetan Department Store

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From August 5th to 10th (still two days left, hurry up!), Isetan Deaprtment Store in Shizuoka City has finally come up with a proper event for the Prefecture of Shizuoka!
The upper staff of the company having been “changed” due to the recent merger with Mitsukoshi Department Store, we may hope to see a marked improvement in their general sales and events policies.
Although the event in itself was only on the same scale of the usual Food Fairs celebrating products from Hokkaido, Okinawa and Kyushu, that is a bit small for my own satisfaction, it was still an effort worthy of attention.
Here is a quick overlook of some of the better stands:

Two friends of mine were serving some extravagant brews from Isojiman, Aoshima, Shidaizumi, Suginishiki and Hatsukame Sake Breweries.

The celebrated Abekawa (Shizuoka City) Mochi, a very traditional Japanese cake had a stand at the very entrance.

I discovered a really good soba and udon maker from Shibakawa Cho I intend to interview very soon!

Everybody knows the great melons of Fukuroi City!

Kawane is not only producing some of the best green tea in Japan, but have some interesting ways of turning it into food, such as “Kawane Ocha Man”!

On the other hand, few people know that Shizuoka Prefecture and City make some extravagant meat and delicatessen products!
But kamaboko/Fish Paste from Yui has reached the plates (and saucers) in far away corners of the nation.

Farmers in Iwata City and its surroundings have long grown some of the very best tomatoes in Japan!

Do I need to introduce wasabi from Shizuoka City (I’m sorry, but they are better than those mass-cultivated in Izu Peninsula!)!

Matsuzaki at the very tip of Izu Peninsula prides itself with its own extravagant shochu!

Sakura Ebi can be found only of Yui,

but I even discovered a very nice lady whose company makes sardine biscuits in nearby Kambara!

Naturally, I had to close the loop with my good friends at Oratche Brewery in Kannami who also produce some fine dairy products!

Isetan Department Store
420-0031 Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Gofuku Cho, 1-7
Tel.: 054-2512211
Business hours: 10:00~19:30

Sakuraebi Spring Fishing Season started!

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(Courtesy of Shizuoka Shinbun, April 3rd, 2008)

The Sakuraebi/Sakura Shrimp Spring Fishing Season was officially started two days late because of inclement weather but the first batches were auctioned in the early hours of April 2nd in Yui, the only harbour having the license to do so.
The catch has been good as three times as much as usual was sold, that is a total of 67 tonnes.
Their price went on the average 40,000 yen per case (about 15 kg).
Don’t forget you can sample them directly at Yui Harbour’s food stands!

KUE: Fish Stocks Replenishing Success Story

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(Courtesy of Shizuoka Shinbun, Feb 7th, 2008)

For all the battering and criticism that Japan has to endure for being the largest consumer of fish in the World (which is not. Spain is the largest fish single-country consumer, and Europe eats 40% of the World total catch, and throws away more than 5 times the same amount of dead fish back into the sea.), it is way ahead of eveyone else when it comes to preserving and repleneshing fish stocks.


I’m proud to say that Shizuoka Prefecture happens to be the most active region in this country in that particular field. I’d certainly love to take some “people” to the Tokai Marine University Research Laboratories in Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City! Did you know that Shizuoka Prefecture alone produces half of dried fish in Japan, including the most expensive such as “kinmeidai”, which can easily fetch over 50 US$ a piece, depending on the weight?

New Yorkers (Courtesy of Chuckeats.com) and Gastronomes all over the world, rejoice!
For the first time ever in Japan, “Kue” (Kelp Bass, Kelp Grouper, Saladfish, Epinephelus bruneus Bloch), a fish costing more than 10,000 yen (100 US $) per kilog, has been successfully bred in Omaezaki, in Western Shizuoka Prefecture!

Yesterday Governor Ishikawa (lucky one!) was offered kue sashimi and nabe yesterday by the Kue Promotion Association in Omaezaki (see pic above). About time permanent expats were allowed to run for local offices!

Fish, Fish, Fish (and others…)!

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(Aka Yagara, Red Trumpet Fish)

Now is a great time to vist the marine products stands at Fresh Market inside Parche-Shizuoka JR Station!
Let’s look around and see if you recognize all those creatures!
“Aka Yagara”: Red Trumpet Fish. Makes for great sashimi and meuniere. Also called “Karasu Uo/Crow Fish>
“Mako Garei”, a local Halibut/Turbot variety. Popular in any part of the World!
“Hata hata” or “Sailfin Sandfish”. Typical of Shizuoka Prefecture. Great served grilled!
“Managatsuo”. Nothing to do with Bonito. Local white-flesh fish, great both as sasimi and grilled!
“Tako” or Octopus. Can be enjoyed, raw, cooked, or pickled. Or in Italina cuisine!
“Uchiwa Ebi”. Goes by the Latin name of “Ibacus ciliatus”. In Japanese means “Fan Prawn”. Very popular as sashimi or pickled!