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Isojiman Brewery awarded 2 Gold Medals at International Wine Challenge 2010!

(Courtesy of Shizuoka Shinbun, May 20th, 2010)

Great news for Shizuoka Sake!
Isojiman Brewery in Yaizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture has been awarded 2 Gold Medals at the International Wine Challenge 2010 announced on May 19th 2010.

The two Gold Awards were won in the following categories:

-Junmai: Isojiman Omachi Tokubetsu Junmai

-Junmai Ginjo & Junmai Daiginjo: Isojiman Dai Ginjo Junmai

The sake section was inaugurated in 2007.
This year saw a total of 405 entries representing 176 breweries from all over Japan in 5 different divisions.

Last year, for their first participation, Isojiman had already garnered a siver medal in the Ginjo & Daiginjo Division.


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Isojiman Brewery Sake chosen for the G8 Meeting in Hokkaido!

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(Shizuoka Shinbun, July 8th, 2008)

Shizuoka Jizake has finally made the grade!
All these bigwigs on the above pic were served Isojiman Junmai Daiginjo (Isojiman Brewery, yaizu City) at their official banquet held in Hokkaido on July 7th for the G8 Members and their guests.
For the record, they were also served (California) Winery Ridge Vineyards’ California Monte Bello (1997) with Hungarian and French wines.
Looking at the way Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy is “admiring” his cup, I doubt he had a clue about the whole thing! Well, I was not on hand to help him! LOL

I also know that the cheese was served by the only Japanese Chevalier Fromager, Ms. Keiko Kubota from Gentil Restaurant, Shizuoka City!

Three times “Hurrah” for Shizuoka!