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Japanese Cuisine: Sesame Crackers/Goma Senbei

Senbei means rice crackers in Japanese. But they don’t have to be made solely with rice.
How about sesame seeds?
They are not difficult to make and here is another recipe for BG who requested them!

Sesame Crackers/Goma Senbei!

INGREDIENTS: For one “sheet”

Egg: 1
-Sugar: 60 g
-Miso: 1 teaspoon
-Flour: 20 g
-Sesame seeds: 80 g
-Ginger juice: a few drops


-Drop whole egg and sugar in a bowl.
Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

-Beat until sugar and sugar are well incorporated. Add miso and ginger juice. Mix thoroughly, but take care not have any bubbles in mixture.

-Sieve flour over mixture and add sesame seeds. Mix well. It seems like a lot of sesame seeds, but don’t worry!

-Humidify your hands. Line the oven plate with kitchen paper. Spread cracker mixture thin so as to cover the whole plate.

-Bake at 180 degrees celsius for 8 minutes.
Might take longer depending on the thickness.

-Once the colour has attained a nice rich brown. Take sheet out.
Cut with a sharp knife into equal pieces.

-They should to a crispy state once they have cooled down.
If they don’t feel crispy enough, bake the cut pieces again at 150 degrees Celsius for a few minutes.

-Serve or keep tighly sealed inside a dry box!

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Vegan/vegetarian Japanese Dressing: Gomadare/Sesame Dressing


Following a few queries about gomadare/sesame dressing I (and the Missus) use a lot, I felt a little information and a simple recipe would come in useful.

Gomadare is a great tasty dressing that can be used indifferently with cold dishes as a normal dressing, or in and with hot food, especially nabe/Japanese pot-au-feu, shabu-shabu and any meat or veg actually.
The problem that the gomadare sold over the counter is not vegan, or even vegetarian for that matter (it usually contains egg white and I don’t know what!)

Now, here is a simple recipe that will add that little zest and “consistency” to your favourite food:
Ingredients (for about 2 people):
white sesame seeds: 2 large tablespoons
soy milk: 4 large tablespoons
miso: 1 teaspoon
soy sauce: a little (up to taste)
sugar: a little
ground white sesame: a little

First ground together with a pestle the white sesame seeds, soy milk and miso until it has attained a nice smooth consistency.
If have difficulty mixing it, heat it a little.
Add soy sauce, sugar and ground white sesame to taste.
A little experimentation will work wonders.

Tip: my favourite dish is to peel ripe figs (see pic), cut them in quarters and pour a generous amount of gomadare over it!


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