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21st Shizuoka Prefecture Sake Brewers Festival

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I usually keep all Shizuoka Sake postings for Shizuoka Sake Blog, but I thought for once it might be of some interest to show what can one expect at a hotel fuction dinner in Japan and Shizuoka Prefecture.
The Festival which is held every year by the Shizuoka Sake Brewers Association took place in Hamamatsu City this year as the rotation came to the West of our Prefecture (it will be held in Numazu City next year).

I came early to be able to greet the many Master Brewers and owners I know and make personal acquaintance with the few I haven’t had the pleasure to meet yet.

Before entering the Main Hall, I had a good look at some sake specialists blind-tasting brews as part of a national competition. For all my love of sake and probably because of it, I never felt becoming a recognized taster. I am more interested in the people who work so hard to produce those great nectars.

Although Grand Hotel Hamamatsu is a venerable institution, its main function hall is pretty big as it easily managed to cater for than 400 guests and all the Brewers’ stands.
I did enter it long before the actual event to say hello and talk shop with the Brewers (a bit pert, I reckon, but I did work hard to make myself accepted in a very closed traditional world).

I also took the opportunity to take pictures of new labels from Sogatsuru-Hagi no Kura, Aointenka and Doi Breweries I soon will visit in Kakegawa City.

The actual event lasted two hours while all guests either stayed at the tables and enjoyed the meal and sake selection already served on each table seating eight diners, or like myself went around the whole room tasting sake at the Brewers’ stands and came back now and then for drink of water and some food served as soon as they were seated. A very practical system for the guests but extremely trying for the staff!

Set of three appetizers

Set of three sashimi

Set of fried vegetables

Cooked seafood plate

Chicken confit and mushrooms as meat plate

Seabream (snapper) rice, pickles and soup

Dessert: hot “Amazake”, made from sake white lees (non-alcoholic)

Alright, I did not go into many details but I will be glad to answer requests for explanations! At least that should give a good idea of what to expect at such functions in Japan!