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Sushi Recipe: Grilled Mackerel/Yaki Saba

Mackerel, or saba/鯖 in Japanese is a very popular fish everywhere in the world.
The Japanese love theiir mackerel sushi either raw or pickled as “shimesaba/しめ鯖”.
For people who both love sushi, but prefer their mackerel cooked, hereis a simple recipe:

Grilled Mackerel Sushi/yaki Saba Sushi!

INGREDIENTS: for 2 people

-Rice: 180 cc/ml (uncooked)
-Mackerel: 1/2, fresh (not salted)
-Fresh ginger: 20 g
-Salt: 1/2 teaspoon
-Rice vinegar: 2 large tablespoons
-Sugar: 2 tablespoons
-Salt: 1/2 teaspoon


-Wash the rice and steam it normally, but with a little less water than ususal.

-Chop the fresh ginger very finely.
Add the rice vinegar, sugar and salt to the chopped fressh ginger into a bowl and heat to boil. Reduce fire to low immediately and cook for 1~2 minutes.
Let cool down.

-Take bones out of the fish.
Salt both sides and grill on both sides.
Grill until skin becomes “bubbly”.

-In a bowl, drop the freshly steamed rice. Add the ginger dressing to it.
Using a fan to cool it at the same time, “cut in/mix” the rice gently with a spatula until it has become brilliant and well-coated.

-Spread the fish skin down on a sheet of cellophane paper. Place the sushi rice on top and along so as to cover it completely. Don’t be afraid to use plenty!

-Wrap the cellophane paper around the mackerel and rice and form a thick “stick” with your hands. Leave aside for a while.

-Cutting: use a sharp knife and cut acroos the wrapped sushi, wiping the knife clean after every cut.
Unwrap and serve!

Easy sushi recipe for people who don’t like raw fish!

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