Fuji No Tsuyu by Fuji-Takasago Brewery/Distillery in Fujinomiya City is another example of the extravagant kome (rice) shochu brewed by sake breweries in Shizuoka Prefecture!

It is a standard kome/rice shochu with 25vol. of alcohol made from rice and rice yeast.

It is very clear as it ought to be with a typical and pleasant ricey aroma.

As for taste it is light, almost sweet and turned complex as it changes quickly spreading inside the mouth.

Overall: distinguished. Perfect balance. Can be appreciated on its own straight in small cups/
Makes an interesting drink mixed with fruit juices or syrups. I particaularly appreciated it mixed with an equal dose of red shiso (perilla) sweet juice , ice and plenty of water.
Also accompanies well fresh fruit!

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