Shizuoka Shochu Tasting 8-1: Senju Brewery/Distillery-Inaizumi


Senju Brewery in Iwata City is another old kura which also produces an extravagant kome/rice soxhu from the milling of its rice. Senjju is also the only Brewery/Distillery owning a kicense to distill rice alcohol in Shizuka Prefecture.

Inaizumi (the « rice source ») is a standard 25 degrees « honkaku shochu) made from rice, rice lees.

Aroma: Ricey/Banana/Vanilla. Discreet and elegant.

Taste: Ricey/ banana-vanilla. Faitful to aroma. Dry

Overall: Very dry and pleasant.
Probably best on the rocks. Very discree aroma. Gents and ladies alike can appreciate.
Very easy to drink. Could be sipped straight. Mixing it with anything but water is tantamount to crime!

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