Tasting by the Shizuoka Geeks 1~5


Tasting Session 5

(Eriko, Mark, Seiko, Jasmine, « L’Amant »)

As this might have been the last time that Mark, our host, would be able to attend our session (he is moving to Kyoto) and also because it was Seiko’s birthday, we shared an impossibly extravagant sake brewed by Oomuraya Brewery (known for Oni Goroshi, Onna Nakase and Wakatake):

It is a Junmai Daiginjo called « Hanya » and made with Yamada Nishiki Rice from Hyogo Prefecture and Shizuoka Yeast.
I can assure it disappeared very quickly as the ladies could not keep their hands off it!
Separate tasting posting coming soon!

Tasting Session 4

On December 7th, the Shizuoka Geeks (somehow) held their fourth Shizuoka Sake tasting Session!
As I mentioned before the Shizuoka Geeks Sessions tend to quickly turn into very raucous affairs, and you do have to take your notes in a hurry (probably the time it would take to open the bottles and taste the first and second glasses before the thing degenerates into serious drinking!).
Were attending: Haruna and Mark Steward, Seiko Kubo, Miki Aoki, Tetsuya « Happy » Nishida and your servant.
Now we tasted the following sake:

Hana No Mai Brewery, Shiboritate Junmai (Hamamatsu City)
Hana No Mai Brewery, Kura dashi Ginjo Nama Sake (Hamamatsu City)
Both bottles were gracefully offered to me by Etsuko Nakamura of Tokyo Foodcast. Than you so much, Etsuko!
Takasago Brewery,Daiginjo « Soleil » (Numazu City)
Reports on the sake tasted coming immediately!

Tasting Session 3

On Friday October 8th, the Shizuoka Geeks held their 3rd tatsing session!
Due to the faraway location of the day’s hosting abode in Miwa, Shizuoka City, we were few but dedicated.
Were assembled the ever-faithful Mark and Haruna Steward and our new Geek, Neil Harrison, and your servant, all members of the famed, if not winning, Shizuoka Kytes Cricket Club.

We tasted two interesting, if vastly different brews, one a limited edition, « Oigawa no kahan kajika » by Oomuraya-Wakatake Brewery/Shimada City, and Hatsukame Daiginjo, 2007 Vintage by Hatsukame Brewery/Okabe cho.
We all thoroughly enjoyed the sake. See coming reports. The only complaint was, that is spite of all the beer guzzled in between, one or two more sake could have been taken care of!
Didn’t I tell you we were all peasants down here?
Tasting Session 2

On Friday (the last Friday of every month from now on, except in August) July 27th, the Shizuoka Geeks somehow held their second sake tasting session at Mark Steward’s appartement.
Were present Mark and Haruna Steward, Mr. Tetsuya Nishida a music and drink geek, Miss Seiko Kubo, a student of mine and your servant.

I had brought two similar sake, dai ginjo, Kokuryu from Fukui Prefecture and Senju from Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
Mark (an Englishman who can cook!) had prepared some great garlic fried chicken to go with cheese and bread we had brought with us.
For once, but not for long, the tasting was a bit more serious than last time. We had time to agree that they were both beautiful, elegant and fruity sake, with Kokuryu being drier although very similar.
We shared some views on the taste that I jotted down for the coming report on Senju, and that was about it. From then on it was serious drinking, eating and enjoying!

The next session is tentatively set fo the last Friday of September at another friend’s home!
Tasting Session 1

On Friday June 29th, was held the first « official » tasting session by the Shizuoka Geeks!
As you can see on thepicture above, the atmosphere is slightly different from that of the Tokyo Geeks’ session!
In Shizuoka Prefecture our lot lot tends to be more boisterous and informal than our peers in the Japanese Capital. After all what can you expect when you country boys from New Zealand, England, France and Japan in the same room?
From left to right, back row, Yoshitsuru « Cobra » Konuma, Yuusuke « L’Amant » Watanabe, Ashley Harvey (Kiwi). Second row, Mark Steward (England) and his wife haruna (Japan). As someone had to take the hotograph, you know who is missing.
I was basically the teacher, even to the japanese folks. It might take some time for all to understand all the secrets of our sacred beverage, but we certainly do not lack enthusiasm and gusto. As for manners and professionalism, it is either too early or dwonright impossible (manners?)

Anyway we did tase some beauties and the six of us guzzled down the three bottles on offer in no time!

-nama junmai genshu by Kumpai Brewery (Shizuoka City)

-Junmai ginjo by Hatsukame (Okabe Cho)

-10-year old koshu, junmai ginjo by Doi Brewery/Kaiun (Kakegawa City)

Tasting notes to be posted very soon!

The next session will be held in Hamamatsu by the Hamamatsu Geeks next Friday to taste all the Tokyo sake sent to us by Etsuko and Melinda!

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