Yui JR Station and Vicinity


Some stations, even larger ones, are better left alone, but one should give at least one chance to any you venture to get off as there is always a chance that such a station and its vicinity contain enough helpful information, especially in a touristic spot.


Yui is such a station along the Tokaido Railway Line about 20 minutes from Shizuoka JR Station in the east direction and found between Okitsu and Kambara Stations.
After all Yui has always been an important stage along the various routes coursing Japan between Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto as superbly described in many ukiyo-e/woodblock prints.
So, although the railway station is tiny, keep your eyes open (and don’t forget you can espy Mount Fuji from the overhead tracks bridge!)!


I know a lot of stations which don’t bother, but you will find a window display of the local products typical of Yui.
Bear in mind that Yui was a city of its own before being recently merged with Shizuoka City and Shimizu Ku!


Ogura Co. specializes in processed sakura ebi/cherry shrimps and fish!


Yui Cannery Co. is famous all over Japan for its « White Ship » olive oil tuna cans!


Inaba Co is another big tuna cannery!


Kakusa Co specializes in processed fish products, especially dry and liquid fish dashi/soup stock!


The Yui Cake (Japanese cakes) Association is also featuring their products!


With all that fish around Yui is home to high end brand of dog and cat food producers!


Yui is also home of famous kamaboko/steamed fish paste and kuro hanpen/black sardine fish paste cakes, the latter found only in Shizuoka Prefecture as demonstrated by the Yui Kamaboko Makers Association!


Next time you visit Yui buy some in the many shops along Sakura Ebi Street as an unusual souvenir! Great with sake or beer!


The small but renown Hiroshige Museum hang their posters inside to inform all-comers of their events!
A must visit in Yui!


Yui might be small but you will gratified to discover that most signs are bi-lingual (sometimes with funny renditions!)!


A must take picture: the Sakura Ebi Portal at the the entrance of Sakura Ebi Street!
The contraption was only moved there recently!


You will find the double Yui Emblem of Sakura Ebi and Mount Fuji everywhere, so keep your eyes open for some interesting shots!


You will find big signs hung by local establishments but like in any touristic spots big signs do not always guarantee the best of quality. To take with a pinch of salt! After all there is plenty around!


Past the exit on your right you will find this first map board. Have a look at it even if you do not understand Japanese as more bilingual boards are near!


It will give you a first idea of what to look for!


Tokai Nature Trail bilingual board! Take your time to consult it!


Take good note!


You must take a look at Village Head Koike’s Mansion on Tokaido (meaning « Village Head/Chief’s Mansion along the Tokaido route. Free entrance) that I will talk about in an article soon to be posted and the Museum of Light, one of the only three lighting (candles and so on) museums in Japan! (entry 500 yen including coffee and an oral and manual demonstration!)!


The Yui Edo Period Lodging Stations Guide Board!


Take your time and read it!


And don’t forget the sakura ebi & Mount Fuji emblems, they are everywhere, even on manhole covers!

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Koike Village Chief House in Yui


Because Shizuoka City and Prefecture were more an area of intense travelling than Kyoto or Tokyo where people gathered and built according to the size of their population (and money), it seems that our region lacks in historical and cultural assets.
Actually, until Tokugawa Ieyasu made his retreat at the beginning of the 17th Century in Sumpu (Shizuoka City) travelers had still to stay there overnight and eat and drink. Accordingly, many old houses and lodgings can still be discovered along the Old Tokaido Route.
Tourists should not overlook them as their smaller size, easier access and cheap/free entrances provide them with a rare glimpse of life of past times. Sometimes such sightseeing off the beaten tracks is more rewarding than grandiose but crowded monuments!
One house worthy of a visit lies along the Old Tokaido Route in Yui, Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City, only a few minutes away on foot from Yui JR Station: Koike Village House which was incidentally registered as a National Important Cultural Asset in October 1998.


The entrance!


Note the « namako/seaslug wall »!


Time to study Japanese! Don’t worry most of what is written on the board is mentioned in this article! LOL


The entrance and the noren/暖簾/entrance curtain!
Such a village house would also serve as a registar house in Edo Times hence another historical source of importance!


A small room has been refurbished into a small museum you will get into through another noren!


Take time to look at old pictures of Yui Village!


Through the bay window of the small museum you will discover a tiny but adorable Japanese garden!


Important documents are still preserved there!


Life articles of a time past!


The modest size of the very well preserved living quarters will give you a chance for great photogtraphy of a true Japanese abode of yore.


You actually may walk inside if you take your shoes off! That will permit you to not only take great photographs but experience a real feel under the soles of your feet!


Contrary to the interminable lodgings of ancient nobles, it has the merit to introduce you to a real size living house!


If you are am antique buff you will be surprised to find this very heavy antique shave ice machine worth a fortune at auctions!


Take all your time to admire the small exquisite garden full of surprises!


I have never seen that lantern-supporting sumo wrestler anywhere before!


Every season will offer you a different glimpse!


Very unusual moss!


An ancient well!


Having a second look before departing…


Mobile partition!

Old hanging scroll!

I would advise you to take a good camera along as the place is dark inside, but you must have also a look at the raftings, the ceiling and theattic!


421-3112 Shizuoka Prefecture, Shizuoka City, Shimizu Ku, Yui, Terao, 464-9 (10 minutes on foot from Yui JR Station. Proceed left of the Station exit!)
Tel.: 054-376-0611
Opening hours: 09:30~16:30 (March~October), 09:30~16:00 (November~February)
Closed on Mondays and National Holidays (except if happening on week-ends), December 26th~January 5th
Entrance: free
Parking for 6 cars
Sakura Ebi/Sakura Shrimps


8th October, 2007. Yui City. Sakura Ebi Doori. taken by R-G. M.

Yui City in Shizuka Prefecture near, Shimizu Ku, is famous all over Japan for being the only harbour specialized in Sakura Ebi/Shrimps

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