12 Things To Know About ‘Indian’ Food Before You Seek It, Cook It & Eat It by Devaki


My new friend, Devaki at Weave A Thousand Flavors has come up with an essay on Indian gastronomy, which I think deserves special attention.
She says it took her 30 years in the making, and knowing so little myself about the culinary splendors of such a vast country/sub-continent, I took the liberty (with my friend’s agreement) to introduce her work for all to know.

In her own words, she is a purist when it comes to food and she worships the concept of ‘authentic’ as the benchmark of what is good especially when dealing with ethnic cuisines. If it’s being done successfully for over 3000 years years then she thinks it deserves that we sit up & listen!

She is still too modest about it when she says that she has no doubt that some of what she says here will have many of us in an uproar. But it can’t be helped as she courageously ponders.

Her hope is that people will view this incredibly vast, almost unfathomable cuisine in a new light. And if the next time when many of us go to a restaurant or decide to cook Indian at home, she hopes that what we have read in her posting will give us a moment of pause and enable us to make much more informed choices.

So here goes:
12 Things To Know About ‘Indian’ Food Before You Seek It, Cook It & Eat It

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